Dragon is growing up right before my eyes!

“I can do it myself!”  This is the current favorite phrase of my little Dragon.  She is now four and will be started preschool on Monday and if it had been her choice, she would be going to Kindergarten.  

We finally got her fitted with some much needed glasses after a complete failure at the school vision screening.  We had known since bringing her home that her vision had issues and was seeing a specialist every six months with hopes of her growing out of some of them.  No such luck.  Bright pink princess glasses were calling her name.  The next little issue to overcome, is a slight hearing impairment.  Her ears become compacted quickly, leaving her with very muffled hearing.  This time were are trying new drops to see if that might clear things up.

Overall, she is growing into a very bright, stubborn, inquisitive, little girl.  Eating well.  Sleeping so much better.  Unbelievably athletic in everything she tries…and growing up much to fast for this mamma!

Everyday when I see this smiling or not so smiling  face, I am so grateful that I stayed true to the course and never gave up on our unbelievable long adoption process.  When I share our story with others, they can’t believe what it all involved.  Yet, I know that there are many other families out there right now dealing with the same things.  They are still struggling with paperwork, wait time, and finding funds in order to complete their own dream.  I wish I could find them and tell them…Hang on!  You are almost there!  It will be worth everything you are sacrificing! 

So, I keep sharing, explaining, educating every chance I get.  



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Show me a smile!

School picture day is just around the corner. In our house, we practice our smiles. Trying to avoid those forced grins.


Dragon has this routine down pat. No camera shyness for this little one.


I am a huge proponent in documenting their growth and development through photos. I would drag my infant and toddler on a monthly basis to our local photo place with my coupon. You know, the one that includes a free sitting and a thousand photos for $4.99. It was a bit extreme and a huge commitment, but it was so worth it.

When they hit school age, we switched to a yearly birthday photo in the spring and the required school photo in the fall. Gone were the days of $4.99 photos. I was floored with the expense of the school portraits. Packages that can cost up to fifty dollars and I don’t even get to choose the smile.

In order to not blow the budget, I made a deal with hubby to pick the economy packages that offered the class photo, but I was still shelling out more than I wanted to.

Now Dragon came to us at ten months, with only two existing photos. She was already behind by ten photo shoots. It was my first quandary as an adoptive mom. I wanted to be equal with all my kids, but this was something I couldn’t change.

Something so small, a picture frame showing the first twelve months, is missing. This fact is so bothersome to me. I am overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t even do this simple thing for her. My goal of treating all three the same in everything we do….already out the window.


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Time out fun

The ultimate threat done in my very loud voice. “Do you need to go to Time Out!” A threat that has worked very effectively for twelve years….until now.

My little Dragon is not phased by getting sent to the steps for her allotted 2 minutes.

If given a choice, she will happily place herself in the designated area instead of doing the task told.



I think I may need to try something else.

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Let’s add to the chaos!

It seems like when things start to get into a routine. When things start working smoothly. When we are finally finding our pace…we like to mix it back up!

Introducing our newest member of the Green Thumb Clan…Felix.


A little kitten that has been a whole heap of trouble. Mr.D picked him out. A total surprise to the entire family when I said “yes” to the request. Once again, it was my attempt to ward off any reptiles entering our household.

Felix was so small and so lethargic. Rescued, weighing just over one pound, the vet asked if we really wanted to try because it looked so bleak. That was a question that had an easy answer.

So this little bundle was quickly loved on by all the members of the family. After months of medication and tender care, he is doing great. A whole six pounds, he is an eating machine.


We have had some bumps with this new little guy. Especially the huge incident of peeing on my favorite chair and Nala’s bed. Current, he is allowed selective freedom with high levels of supervision…no further incidents have occurred…Knock on wood!

What about Nala you ask?

Umm…. She is big, he is small…much like the rabbits she enjoys catching. Felix, however, doesn’t realize that and attempts to stalk and pounce on her whenever he gets a chance. Like I said….close supervision is currently needed. Nala is not amused!


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Here we go again.


Did I mention that I started to take a ballet class at the age of 40. Yep that’s right! Here is my little partner in crime.

Her little class didn’t go as smoothly as planned. It’s now a “mommy and me class”.

Like I said…I am taking ballet…sans tutu.

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Goodbye summer.


The night temps are falling to a comfortable cool sleeping weather. The kind were you leave the windows open and snuggle down under a layer of blankets. However, these open windows make it for a brisk morning wake up. This week we needed to dig out the pants and sweatshirts to head out to school. Which leads to the huge project of…..

Yes, that’s right. The biannual flipping of the closets. What a chore! Might go faster if I had children that would stop growing. But alas, I feed them, therefore they grow. What a cycle.

Ms.A is official on her own. I cringe when I even attempt to look at her room, much less her closet. She has access to all her clothes, all year long. I have given her all the tools of organization with many hours of training, she just needs to implement them. I do still make her pick out her outfits the night before. This saves a huge amount of time in the morning of just standing in front of her closet “thinking” and allows hubby to veto any outfits that I disapprove. So far this school year it’s been good. She hasn’t had any huge growth spurts, so I just left a bin at the bottom of her closet to put unwanted or to tight clothes in.

Mr.D is growing like a weed. Literally, nothing still fits from the spring, so we needed a shopping spree. I am better to go shopping on my own and bring back for him to try on at home. As luck would have it, I just needed the next size up and I found them with coupon in hand. A request of camouflage was made and regretfully fulfilled. Smaller clothes placed in a bin to pass on, new clothes in cubbies, voila done! Boys are soooo easy.

Then there is Dragon. My fashionista. The littlest one with the biggest opinion. Is it because she is my last child and we have time to go over clothes and discuss them before getting dresses? Or is it her strong personality shinning through? Whatever the answer is, she likes her clothes. Likes to pick them out. Loves to accessorize. And she actually has great taste!

We are blessed with great hand me downs and it’s like Christmas when the boxes arrive. Lucky for me the girls line up seasonally and her mommy is an avid shopper. So Dragon helps dig through and organize her new things. Trying on layers of clothes in the process. She is just at the beginning stage of dressing herself and it kept her busy and me entertained while we sorted.

So fall is coming. School is in full swing. Afternoon activities are at a max. We are official heading into this year at full speed and with the right fitting clothes on!

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The big kids are in school, Dragon is in her room napping, and Nala is doing the same. What do I chose to do with this precious quiet time. I am attempting to catch up on a paper project that has been in the works for months. Printing out my blog and putting it in paper format to have for Dragon. My own version of her baby book.

I started writing the blog for different reasons, but then ended up with focusing on our family and the adoption process. It became a documentation of our wait and journey to China. However, once we were home and settling in, the craziness of life overwhelmed me and writing was pushed back behind everything else that needed to get done.

I only realize this now, as I work out the challenges of printing my posts, how therapeutic the act of writing is.  Sharing the ups and downs and getting feedback, helped me through some very difficult day, but also some joyous ones.  As I wait for the printer to respond to commands,  I sit and reread certain ones and remember…

So here it goes… I need to get back. If not for therapeutic reasons, just for the fact that I can go back and remember.





Dragon is now two and half.  Newly purchased ballet shoes are for her first dance class that starts this week.  Not sure if I am ready for two dancers in the house, but both girls are excited.  Ms.A is twelve and in seventh grade.  Enjoying life to the fullest.  Throwing herself into a very busy dance class schedule and competition.  Mr.D is seven and in first grade.  Loving the everyday school schedule, so much different than kindergarten.  He is approaching black belt in TKD, scary thought, and trying out fall soccer.

Time…. It really does fly by!


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