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Scented pine cones

Just wanted to update you on the scented pine cone situation.  We thought that it might bring an authentic holiday smell to our plastic tree.  Yesterday, after all the decorating we did in the house we needed a break.  I knew that I saw these pine cones in bins at the front of Jo Ann Fabrics and always commented to myself about how great they smelled.  I thought the cost was around 6 dollars a bag, so off we went on our errands.  We first started in Walmart and found them for around 4 dollars.  It smelled fabulous at the store and they were a better price. Score one for us!! All excited, when we arrived back home, the kids and I opened the bag and strategically  placed them in the tree.  We stood back and looked at each other.  One bag was clearly not the scent effect we wanted.  Do I go back for more?  Hubby came home from work today and I ask “Do you smell anything?”  He look startled and asked should he.  That was my proof.  One bag of scented pine cones was clearly not enough to have a “holiday effect”.  Back to the old stand by. Candles!!

Happy Holiday Smelling


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The finished tree

After a full day, my tree is done.


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Starting to look like Christmas

You would think that in our house we would have a live tree for the holiday. I can count at least two very large tree/bush/plants in each of our rooms and plenty of small one scattered around. Our house is full of live plants. The sunroom is practically a jungle. Yet, at Christmas, I pull my huge plastic containers out of the basement and BUILD my tree. That’s right, we go plastic. This year the whole crew helped. The kids thought it was a hoot the our tree was color coded. What tree isn’t I asked. We then got on to a lively discussion of what a great puzzle it would be if they took the color stickers off each branch. With a threatening look that quickly ended and we continued with our sorting and dusting of our tree. My husband then commented on the lack of tree smell. Tree SMELL? We quickly problem solved that with a future purchase of scented pine cones. (I’ll let you know how that works out.). Needless to say, with scratched up hand, I have built my tree.


Why do we, the green thumb family, not have a live tree. Stories of spiders, birds, bugs, sap, and small woodland creatures in the house uninvited.

Happy tree decorating.

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Santa is in town

You won’t believe who came into town! Mr.D was soooooo excited. Ms. A had to be forced to take a picture with him. They sure grow up fast.



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The results




The results of all that fun!

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Planting with cousins


The cousins came for Thanksgiving and I put them to work. They each had a great time with me planting pots for teacher presents. Aunt J even made one for herself. They picked their pot color, favorite succulents from the green house, rocks to cover the soil, and topped it off with a holiday pick. Good family fun!

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Nala loves flowers



This is maniac Nala. She just turned one and she is big. Nala was a difficult puppy with lots of issues, but we are working through them. Anyhow, I have been keeping my eyes on this one particular succulent for several weeks now. Mr. D transplanted it with my help into it’s own pot so that it could be on full display when it bloomed. We were so excited to see such a beautiful yellow flower come out of such a hard and scary looking plant. Mr.D wanted a picture, so I set it on the kitchen counter to get the camera. Did I mention how big and tall Nala is. Well, needless to say, anything on the counter must be food and Nala took some nibbles. All we had left was a few shreds of yellow. Oh well, next year I’ll make sure I put it up higher.

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