Weekend in NYC

This past weekend our family had a mini vacation to NYC. We had only planned one activity and left the rest of the time up in the air. This was a high anxiety time for me. Having my family in a crowded and strange city and having a very unstructured timeline to follow. However, I made it through the weekend and the family had fun.
We flew in early Friday afternoon and were able to catch a ride into the city with a limo.

I was all for getting in line for a traditional taxi, but we were approached by a driver who was trying to get a fare back from the airport.   Hubby, who travels way more than me, said this was normal and safe to do.  I, of course, was nervous following a stranger into a parking deck. When I saw the limo, I felt a bit better and the driver pulled out all the stops for the kids. It was a great way to start our trip.
Since we arrived too early to check in, we dropped off our bags and headed out. Our first venture out was to Macy’s. We soon found out this was the busiest shopping weekend of the year. The store itself was huge and they carried a lot more high end products then our local Macy’s. We decided to eat at a cafe in the store and do some people watching. You would have thought they were giving things away based on the crowds.
We made it back to our hotel and checked into our home for the weekend. We had a corner room that had spectacular views.  (All the pictures of the trip were taken with my new I Phone.  I am super pleased with the results.)

We headed back out to try to find FAO. The doorman was so kind and explained the subway to us. We jumped on the green line, it dumped us out somewhere near central park, and we managed to find FAO. The kids needed to hold tight because of the crowds, but they still found the one item they each wanted. Ms. A decided to make her very own Muppet. She was able to pick out the body, eyes, nose, hair, and outfit.   After she signed her contract (and paid $99) they built “Sally” right in front of us.  Mr. D wanted a cave full of stuffed spooky creatures. Both were excellent picks.

The next day we planned to visit the natural history museum. We arrived a bit early so we went exploring central park for awhile.



The museum was great. We could have spent the whole weekend there and still not have seen everything. At one point, we saw a presentation at the planetarium. It was very enjoyable (Hubby didn’t even fall asleep).
After lunch, we meet up with some old friends from high school who currently live in the city. They took us on a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, Court District, Ground Zero, China Town, and Little Italy.


Sunday morning we headed out to see the Rockettes. What a great show.  I was surprised that the show had such a religious ending.   Ms. A was in her element, but Mr. D had to be feed Gummmies to keep him still.



We then went to meet up with some friends from Chicago who just were newly engaged the evening before. We had a lousy meal at a kosher deli, but a great time catching up.  We headed off to Time Square. They had heard that there was a place to buy leftover show tickets greatly discounted. They were able to get great tickets for Mary Poppins at half the price. This is great to remember for our next trip.


Tons of people, lots of police everywhere, and overall a fun atmosphere. The kids went to the M&M store. They had fun picking out candy in every color imaginable. The Hersey store was across the street. We were disappointed with it. I would not recommend spending any time there. After looking around Time Square and saying goodbye to our friends, we headed to Fifth Avenue to do some grownup shopping. Took Ms. A into American Girl store while the boys waited outside. It was overwhelming! If it hadn’t been so crowded we would have enjoyed looking at the displays. Instead we did I quick look through and did one small purchase and got out of there. I then was able to treat myself to something from Tiffany. Every girl should get something in a little turquoise box with white ribbon. (Yes, that is a tattoo from a pervious girls only trip.)


We had a great time in NYC. I found the people to be friendly and helpful. The city was busy and so different from home. The Green Thumb Family will go back to this wonderful place. I am glad and I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried this with my family.


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