Merry Christmas

Wanting to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have a full house with Grandma and Poppy arriving from Florida. All the parties are scheduled and menus planned. Gifts are almost all bought and those that are bought have been laid out and looked at closely for equal and fairness. The wrapping of the gifts are the most difficult for me. I have no patience with bows and ribbons. I attempt to cut the paper to the proper length, but if I am short, I have no problem in patching it in. I really have no interest in putting any effort into something that will be ripped off and thrown away in a matter of seconds.
When packing my planters, I found a place online to purchase just plain brown bags (uline) in different sizes. I then went on “etsy” (a place were people can sell their handmade goods) and found someone who could make me a custom stamp.

I think they turned out nice. The look simple and organic. I pack the plants in unprinted newsprint and tie it up with jute rope. The end product is a nice presentation and it keeps the plants safe during transport.
Getting back to our topic, I am ready for Christmas (to be over). Ha, ha, just kidding. Although, the day after, I will be packing everything up. I find that it is easier than dealing with the question “Is it Christmas again?”  Jolly, our shelf elf, is gearing up to leave us for the year.

He is not a creative elf. He usually just moves from one shelf to another in our house.  Sometimes when mommy or daddy stay up to late, Jolly misses his time slot to go back to the North Pole to report.  He ends up frozen in the same spot for several days.  OOPS! If behavior gets out of hand, he does write a threatening note.  This does seem very effective for a short period of time.

The kids and I did make cookies this week.  They did all the measuring, mixing, and sampling.

Yes, chocolate chip! They aren’t Christmas cookies, we get tons of those sent or given to us. They were the choice of the kids. I don’t mind. They taste great and I didn’t have to frost. Have I mentioned how I don’t like to frost cookies. All that work and it gets eaten in a matter of seconds……Hum…..I am starting to see a trend.

Once again, have a safe and Merry Christmas!



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