The New Year is Here!

I have two great hopes for this year and several resolutions. First off, this is the year that our baby will finally join our family. Almost a six year wait will come to an end. I guess that I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers that this will be true. So many things can go wrong with renewing paperwork for the fourth and fifth time, China can change policies, or God forbid something happens within our family unit. I have always thought of the worst, in hopes that because I thought of it and prepared myself, it won’t happen.

Sooo…..with those happy thoughts I was able to look at this holiday with my family and enjoy it as a family of four. Next year, things will be different. Baby gates will be reinstalled, the house will be put into baby mode, all that fun and bulky gear will be cleaned and brought up from storage, and all those boxes of baby clothes will be washed and sorted. Nesting can occur! The kids have started to show an interest it the adoption again. I think I have been more positive about it and we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our family and friends are talking about the adoption and discussing future plans with our new little one. Excitement is rising, things are positive!

One way I have be able to help the kids understand the wait is through the “Rock Bowl”. I saw this idea on an adoption website and thought that it was brilliant in giving a visual to children who were waiting. I went into the dinning room and pulled out a beautiful glass bowl that we got as a wedding present fifteen years ago. I then went into my greenhouse and pulled out decorative rocks that I use in my planters. I counted out the number of rocks equal to the days left until China reaches our LID of September 22. Each month we visit the rock bowl and remove the number of rocks that are equal to the amount of days that were matched. Sometimes it might be two and other times it may be five. It is a slow process, but the kids can see how the rocks are going down. The bowl sit on our mantel and I labeled it with our LID and her full name.

The second great hope I have for this year is to get my business up and running on the internet. I did a couple of shows for the holidays. I also was able to do some custom work for people giving out gifts. The prices seem to be on target, it just seems like people are afraid of plants. I’ll need to work on my marketing. This past fall, I was able to register my domain name (, create a basic website, and start a store page. I went through Go Daddy, not really knowing anything about this process. It seem to be alright so far. When I call them, they are always able to walk me though my difficulties. The only thing I have issue with is that I seem to have to buy lots of extra things. This is my first try, so I guess I will learn from my mistakes. I am currently stuck at two points. I am having problems registering with the search engines and the second is figuring out the taxes and shipping for the store part. I REFUSE to pay Go Daddy another cent. I know I can do this search engine optimization on my own. I just need to read some more about it. The store part is another thing altogether. I really don’t want to mess that up. Hubby said he would sit down and look at it with me. I have given myself a deadline of Martin Luther King Weekend to have it done. We’ll see…. I would like to have everything up and running well by spring, that my GOAL!!!!

Of course, I have a couple of resolutions made for the year 2012. First off, weight loss! Isn’t this one that everyone has. I have been slowly losing pounds over the year, but have gotten stuck at the weight of 175. Yes, I said it. I weigh 175. Now it’s in writing and there is no going back. I work out with a great trainer twice a week, but it’s the garbage I put into my mouth that is causing the problem. I have never felt physically stronger and this is the first year I have not hurt my back or have had any type of injury. I give credit to my trainer Michael (Fairlawn Health & Fitness) and his focus on core strength. Now, if only I can get control of my food. I decided to start small and take one thing out of my diet. I am taking out all the POP. Hold on while I wipe my tears away………. This will be actually quite difficult for me. I don’t drink coffee, alcohol, eat sweets, it’s just my love of POP. Not to mention there are several cases sitting in the garage chilling. I think I have to put them out of sight if I am going to have a chance with this. To top this off, I made a small ($100) wager with my Father-in-Law. Twenty pounds lost by next Christmas. I don’t plan on losing to Poppy.

My next resolution is to stop and breathe before responding to the children. I tend to expect an immediate response when I request something from the children. I expect them to be respectful and obedient. This is something all parents want, but I react to quickly on occasion and slam the hammer down. I treat the kids like the patients/students I use to work with. When I was working, I needed to be very firm and direct. Consequences were immediate in order for the students to see the correlation with their actions. I know this does not need to be done to such an extreme with typical children like my own. I admit that this is a problem I have and with this information I will better my parenting skills.

My last resolution is to not take things so personally. I care so much about what others think of me. I can get paralyzed in my actions because I am fearful of their opinions.  My  behavior has lead me into not going places, trying thing, and meeting people.

1. I plan on doing what I really want to do.

2. Saying my opinion, not something altered in order to make people like me.

3. Enjoying the moment and not worrying about what others are thinking of my actions.

The New Year is giving us all a fresh start. Make the best of it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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