Back to my plants

Mr. D and I headed down to the greenhouse to check on the plants this morning. They have be neglected over the holidays and it’s time to give them some much needed love. They got a rotation, so no one would be leaning to much towards the light and everyone got a watering. The planters all got their allotted ice cubes and my seedlings in pots were watered with a small can. Of course, I found a few casualties that needed to be composted and some also needed trimming.   However, not bad for two and half weeks of neglect. Mr. D alway needs to bring one plant back home, so he picked one of the seedlings and we did some planting. He actually gets upset when I sell one of his favorites. If it was up to him we would keep them all. What a great business partner he would make.  Thank goodness its plant and not animals that he is bringing home.

The first picture is of Mr. D and his new friend and the second is how we water with ice cubes. Normally, it is one cube per plant, but this seedling was very dry and Mr. D thought it looked so  very thirsty.


Take a look at your house plants. Do they need some TLC today?


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