Confused plants?

Yesterday, I took on the task of taking down the outdoor Christmas lights. It’s been fairly warm here in Ohio. The daily temps have been in the forties and at night it is in the low thirties to twenties. Very unseasonable! So, with this good weather, I put on a sweatshirt, my muck boots, and a hat and headed outside with Nala in tow. I was climbing the ladder, pulling rather roughly at the strands of lights, when the bulb cover came off of some. I climbed down and started looking for the covers when I saw this…..

Could it be possible… sedum is shooting. I do some further investigation and see that my mums are also showing some shoots.

Is this normal?

Does this normally occur, but I don’t notice because everything is covered under a foot of snow.

I quickly go around with my rake and try to recover these plant with leaf litter.

Let’s hope for the best!


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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    I’m all for an early Spring. Bring it on.

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