Winter is here!

Yeah! Winter is finally arrived. The kids beg to go outside and play as soon as they see even a flurry. Here in Ohio, we normally have several inches, if not, a foot of snow on the ground by now. We are currently getting hit with our first winter storm and the kids are so excited. It takes about ten minutes to suit them up, but they are now at the age that they stay out long enough to make it worth it. We just bought new sleds at Home Depot for them to ride on. A saucer and a toboggan style one. The kids are trying to figure out which one works in this type of snow.

They are not having any luck and I can hear their funny discussion on how to build a track for their sleds to make them go faster.

We love winter and outside activities at our house. We our blessed to live within twenty minutes of a “small” ski resort. I am an avid skier and hubby can manage the slopes quite well. Ms. A picked up skiing at the age of two and started really holding here own on the slopes by the age of five. I currently can let her loose on any hill in the resort as long as she has a friend with her. Mr. D, is a whole different story, he has not been so interested in the sport. Last year, he enjoyed rolling around and throwing the snow instead of standing up on his skies. This year is a completely different story. We enrolled him in the local kiddie program and off he went.

It helps that his Mama was a ski instructor in her previous life and can take him out on some extra practices during the weekdays when no one is around.

This “little” resort has great snow making abilities, so there has been snow to ski on since Christmas, even if there has been none on the ground in our yard. Last Thursday, before the storm, it was warm and drizzling. Mr. D and I headed out to get some practice in. Its a great little secret to those who are willing to ski at all cost, that a little rain can make for some great “Ohio” skiing.

Mind you, there is no comparison to skiing out West or East in a big resort.

So, off we went in the rain to have a great time. The snow was slick and fast and we had the whole hill to ourselves. Literally, we were the only paying costumers. The rest were employees and ski patrol. The lift operator was even playing games with Mr. D and timing him on his runs. We did have a great time and ended our sessions with some yummy fries.


Trying to keep the family active and moving all year round is a difficult challenge. It helps that we don’t mind the cold and we have the proper gear for the activities we do..
Get out and enjoy the outside.

The sun is always shining, even if there is a windchill factory.

Mind you, next week is supposes to go up to forty again.



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2 responses to “Winter is here!

  1. Maryann

    Pictures really cute! Let me know,please,if you receive it.

  2. Oh Grandma, you would love any picture of your little guy! You are doing a great job with your iPad. Keep up the good work!

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