Nala and her boots

Our poor little Nala. She loves to jump and run, but the cold and snow are doing some major damage to the pads of her paws. She runs so hard that she rubs sores into her pads and she comes in with bloody paws. Then there is no way to take her for a walk because the salt that they apply to the road cause her so much pain she refuses to walk. That means there is a lot of puppy energy all pent up with no outlet of walks on the road or runs in the yard.

So…… I found a solution….. BOOTS for dogs!

Yes, not only does Nala own:
– a red coat
– two extra large crate (one in the garage, one in the house)
– an airline crate
– an elevated bed in the family room
– a basket full of toys
– a selection of collars to match the current season
– an assortment of leashes depending on the activity being done
– food puzzles to keep her busy
– a boom box to play her calming music
– a bunch of deer antler to chew on

Nala now owns a set of boots to protect those delicate paws.

I had done some research online and found that there is a huge variety of boots available for dogs. There are some for just the fashion conscience dogs. There are boots that are disposable in order for you to be able to keep your floors clean from muddy paws. There are boots for those dogs that are used for hunting or in working type situations.

I decided on boots that were made for greyhounds. Nala has the build of a greyhound, so I felt these were the best match. However, after seeing that they were custom made per foot measurement and seeing the price tag that came with them, I changed my mind.

Today the family went out running errands and stopped by the local pet store and found these.



How does she like them you wonder. It’s hilarious! We practiced first with just the front ones on. Then we put on all four. It took three of us to do it. Ms. A kept her busy with treats, hubby had hold of her and I was in charge of the boots. She pranced/danced around the house. We then took her outside. She shot off like a rocket, leaving behind three boots.
I think we need some more practice putting them on. We managed a great video, but not sure how to post it. I’ll work on getting that up on the blog.

I would love to be reincarnated as a dog in the “Green Thumbs” house.



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3 responses to “Nala and her boots

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    You are officially crazy….. dog boots?!

  2. Kim M. Hammond

    If I tried to put boots on them I think they’d scratch my face off. Nala is starting to accumulate more than Sydney!

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