Crazy hats

Don’t you wish you could put on anything that took your fancy and not worry about what others would think of you.


It was safari day at ski school and Mr. D got in the spirit of the theme. I am such a stickler for wearing a helmet, but he really isn’t such a daredevil that it is a necessity at this stage of skiing/gliding down the bunny hill…..So I caved. He looked so cute and really was excited about being a buffalo.


With that in mind, I look at my four year old and see the courage to be an individual, not to worry what others think, and enjoy the simple pleasures of wearing a fun hat.


Next week the ski school theme is PIRATES!  ARRG!



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2 responses to “Crazy hats

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Is that your pimp hat Gwenael?

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