It’s been one of those days!

First off, this is the third try on this entry….. ARGGG….  I finally put the iPad down and sat at my desk top.   Maybe I will have better luck!

My day started off with this.  A very out of sorts four year old, sucking his thumb and rubbing a tag that he found on the inside of his jacket.  We had gotten up at a regular time and sent Ms. A off to the bus stop.  I then packed up our ski gear and we headed for the slopes.  It was cold and the wind was blowing and after about an hour of going up and down the bunny hill,  I asked if he was done.  He said yes, so we headed in and got our gear off.  As we start heading out the door, he tells me he “changed his mind” and wants to keep skiing.  I said that we made our choice and we are going home.   And that’s when it begins……

After lunch I notice the “beloved” hermit crab crawling around his habitat sans shell.  That can’t be a good sign.  Mind you, we have a variety of other shells for him/her to chose from, so I am perplexed at this situation.

…So here is a fun story…….A hermit crab is the most dull pet you could own.  The children were insistent on getting these creatures.  I caved, thinking this would be a better choice than the snake Mr. D was rooting for or the hamster Ms. A was wanting.  So, off to our local Petco to purchase our new family members.  We get the larger tank, because bigger is better, right?  Then comes the special sand, coconut husk that needs daily misting, food dish, water dish, saltwater dish, climbing things, and things to hide under.  I mean we have these little guys hooked up.  Mr. D picks his and names it Mr. Pinchy and Ms. A gives it the name Shelly.  Everyone is so excited about the new additions.  Oma and Opa are invited to dinner to meet them.  You would have thought it was a new puppy, the way they were acting.  Anyhow, that evening I put Mr. D to bed and he wants to say goodnight to Mr. Pinchy.  He proceeds to tell me he is nowhere to be found.  I then explained that he probable dug into the sand to sleep.  Off to bed he goes, and Ms. A does some searching.

“Mom, Mr. Pinchy is gone!”

We go and examine the habitat and she is right.  No Mr. Pinchy.  We then see a trail of sand across the table and some on the floor. Mr. Pinchy climbed up the “climbing” log and out of the cage.  I underestimated their mobility and we then quickly fabricated a lid to keep Shelly in.  Everyone went on a search and no Mr. Pinchy was found.  The blame was then placed on Nala, because she eats everything.

“Mom, are you going to tell D?” “NO!,  and neither are you.”

He had school the next day and that would have been a major crisis in the house if the truth was discovered.  The next morning he comes running down and asks to hold Pinchy.  I tell him that he is still sleeping and maybe after school he would be up.  Off to school they go and I go off to the petstore.  Lucky for me, I remembered that he was medium size and had a white shell.  How hard can that be to replace.

Three stores later and the replacement was found.  The kids come home from school and go straight to the tank.  “My, Mr. Pinchy has grown.” says Ms. A.  I then take a better look and see that Pinchy is now twice the size of Shelly.  “Oh, I bet he really likes his food.”

After giving Ms. A a glaring look, it was dropped and life went on until three days later…. Mr. Pinchy (the original) was found.  I come down in the morning and see something on the tile floor.  Here I thought Nala brought in a rock or something, but no, it scuttled across the floor.  Mr. Pinchy survived and now we have three crabs.  I call Hubby, who had already left for work, and say “Mr. Pinchy is reincarnated.”

How was I going to explain this one… Not….. I just let it be and waited for someone to notice.  It took about a week and somehow Mr. D believed it was a stowaway from another shell.  Ms. A just thought it was hilarious.  So now we have Mr. Pinchy, Shelley, and Houdini.

I hope this naked thing he is doing is just a phase?

……It has been just one of those days.  Nothing really memorable happened, yet I was so pleased to see the kids tucked in and the house fall silent.  It always seem the days that Hubby has to work late is the day that my patience is tested in ever way .  The dog refusing to go out in the cold to go to the potty.  The milk left in the fridge with only a few drops left.  The farthest spot in the parking lot at the grocery store with Mr. D jumping in every slushy puddle.  The bag carrying the newly purchased milk breaking and dropping on the ground.  Homework not found in the take home folder.  Dance class canceled do to bad weather, found out once we arrived at the studio. Dinner not being a success (threats were made to get them to finish).  None of the pictures I took, going to the “cloud”, so that I can download them to the blog.  (probably due to the fact I was messing around with that video of Nala in her boots)  Lastly, not being able to work the new T.V. after the kids watched a DVD and missing my favorite show (BIG BANG).

Oh sweetness…  Hubby called…. He set the DVR via his phone….I am off to the recliner to watch my show.

Sleep well!!



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4 responses to “It’s been one of those days!

  1. WordPress helped me to find your blog and I LOVE it! I look forward to gaining more insight on how to attain a green thumb! PS Good luck with those hermit crabs. They are indeed dull creatures.

  2. Kim M. Hammond

    Our little retail therapy plans this weekend will make you feel better. Promise.

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