Mommy break

Mommy had a day out!!!

A dear friend of mine, fellow adoptive mom and Shopping Buddy, gave me a wonderful day of shopping and girl time. I have been on the quest of finding glass/crystal candlesticks for my mantle. I had seen a magazine that had a beautiful holiday display of all different candlesticks with red ornaments on them. It was so elegant, yet simple and right up my alley. I had mentioned this to her and she said I should take a look at some antique shops. So plans were made to go antiquing and my goal of our shopping trip was to find some candlesticks.

We started our day at nine sharp. Hubby had the helm and was planning a fun filled “Daddy Day”.

(don’t ask, that’s a story for another day)

We girls, hit the road with Mr. D yelling from the garage in his pj’s “happy shopping” and “don’t forget to bring me back a present.” The first stop was not exactly on our “plan”, but was a must do. Shopping Buddy had a 30% coupon for Kohl’s and that was just a no brainer. We hit the racks and found some great bargains. What a difference it is when shopping without munchkins. I was in the zone, focused, and determined to get some great deals.  (No need to worry about bathroom breaks, snacks, drinks, hiding in racks, or going missing.)  I came out with some great clothes for next winter for the kids, some birthday presents for a future party, socks for Hubby, tops for me, and a spider book for Mr. D.

I also decided to start Ms. A on a charm bracelet. She came home with straight A’s this quarter, so I thought I would reward her with some bling. I have an extra Pandora bracelet at home and saw that they carry a line of beads that are compatible. The sale was buy one get one half off and then I had 30% off on the total. I was able to get her four cute beads, which I think she will love.


Next thing I know, it’s lunch time. We stop to get a bite and I give a quick call home. The phone gets picked up way to quickly and the connection was bad, or that’s what I thought the problem was. I then find out that Ms. A was practicing on her new recorder and Mr. D was too. Hubby had found an old one in our music box that I had from college. All the education majors had to take a music class and we college students had named the class “Clapping for Credit” and this wonderfully loud little instrument a Flute-a-phone.

Needless to say, Hubby was at the end of his rope and had to quickly get off the line to stop a sword fight that had erupted.

My guilt lasted just until we reached our first store. It was old, the floors creaked, the shelves were overloaded, it smelled, and it was so much fun!!! I didn’t know where to look  first, there was just so much to take in. Shopping Buddy was able to give me a quick tutorial on glass and makers and off we went. I didn’t find any candlesticks, but I did find this.


I have always wanted a huge glass jar to put coins in. I can’t wait to clean it out and finally put all the spare change floating around our house in one localized vessel.

We hit a few more old and smelly places and I had some great success.
I didn’t want to have any candlesticks the same size and I wanted to get some unique pieces. I found out that they usually sell in pairs (go figure) and the ones I really like were out of my price range.


I had a great day out with a friend, Hubby managed to get some work done during his busy day with the kids, and I have a great start on a beautifully decorated mantel.

Retail Therapy, really is THERAPY for this Mommy!


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