Blooms in the Greenhouse

I went down to the greenhouse to do my weekly watering and rotation and look what I found.  This little succulent has a real leafy appearance, not your typical thick cactus leaf look, but more like lettuce.  It grew a stalk and bloom in about two weeks time and it’s flowers will last quite awhile.

This next plant has a short dark green leaf  and it grows upwards versus being short and bulky.  The flower it produces is  small and delicate.  It looks much like a white daisy.

Some flowers really look like  lawn weeds.  This one reminds me of a dandelion, yet doesn’t fall apart when touched.

As you can see from the photos, I keep my plants on large rolling racks.  Opa installed grow lights at the top of each rack and those are placed on timers.  Also, all my normal light fixtures are swapped out for grow lights.  There is a nice blue hue coming from the greenhouse.  I wonder if the neighbors ever question what is going on at our place. (We are the crazy young ones of the neighborhood.  You know, the ones that set off fireworks for any occasion they can think of.  That’s us!)

Ok, back on topic……all my seedlings are planted in 3 inch pots with drainage.  I have them in groups on trays.  This makes it easier to pull them down when caring for them and when I’m planting.

Currently the business is going really slow.  I mean, like no sales this year slow…. but I am alright with that, I think?  I don’t have any shows lined up, but have some leads on some spring home shows that I might be interested in having a booth at.  I did a lot of gift planters for Christmas and I think I will do some marketing for Mother’s Day.  The online shop is still not up and running. (there goes that resolution)  I looked at what would be involved in shipping live plants during the cold season.  There are these heating packs you can use, but they only work for a limited time period and are quite expensive.  I have a big concern of plants freezing during transport in this cold weather.  So, I pushed back the online store until the weather in warmer and I don’t need to worry about shipping them.

My inventory won’t go bad, it will only grow bigger.  I just need to put the work in maintaining them and not killing them.  I see this as a positive, or at least trying to!  I am able to see how these succulents grow and at what pace and size.  I also am seeing the blooms and life process of plants that I would have normally turned around quickly and sold.

Hubby just calls me a “plant hoarder” (in the most lovingly way) and that this business of mine is just a way of legitimizing my need of acquiring these little plants.  I just love looking through catalogs and picking them out.  When they arrive, I spend hours unpacking and repotting them.  It is unbelievable the variety of succulents out there.  We have “Ohio Hardy” succulents that can weather out the winter, but they are just standard and there is really nothing special about them.   I am dealing with the more delicate varieties.  I have them shipped in from California and they are just amazing!

I only hope that with time I will be able to get this business profitable, or at least breaking even and pay for my little plant addiction.


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