Martha Stewart, NOT

So…..we all remember about my AMAZING idea for decorating my mantle with candlesticks and my quest for these candle sticks. Well, I did some work on my AMAZING idea and it just seems that my AMAZING idea didn’t really pan out like I would have liked it to.

My first part was to search for a mirror to set the candles on. I scored! Target had a large wall mirror on clearance for 10 dollars. I had to modify it slightly to make it sit flat on the table, but it was what I had envisioned. Next, I needed to find some kind of adhesive in order to secure the candle sticks I was stacking. I started with adhesive tabs, but that didn’t seem to have enough stick to it. I moved to a product called “glue dots.” WOW!!! These things are supper sticky, can be stretched out to fit the size you need, and were about 3 dollars a box. I definitely will have these stocked in my craft closet.

Yes, I have a craft closet. It contains the start of my yarn craft phase, beading lamps phase, scrap booking phase, fabric stamping phase, sewing phase, and the most important thing, the electrical box for the house. Not quite organized, but not true chaos. That electrical box really hampered my “dream craft closet” idea.

So, I now have the mirror, candles, and stacked candles arranged in a pleasant configuration. I headed out to Hobby Lobby to look for ornaments. Yes, I know it’s January, but ever time I have gone into this store there has been a huge display (I mean several aisle full) of Christmas decoration. I had high hopes, the kids in tow, and my AMAZING idea almost complete.

Well…… can you believe it, they took ALL the Christmas decoration down. I asked the sales clerk “what was up with that” and was told it would be restocked in June. Yes, JUNE!!!!! Just the fact that they don’t have anything now, but will have inventory starting in June, cracked me up. I left the store in a fit of giggles with Mr. D asking/begging for some giant plastic eggs that they have displayed for Easter.

I have once again attempted an AMAZING idea…… I’ll update you in June when it is complete.



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