Paperwork Pile Up

I have a sick fascination with the show “Hoarders.” It’s amazing to see how people live with this awful disease. I just can’t imagine a life and a house with so much clutter.  I get quite depressed watching the show. Yet, every time when I am surfing the channels and I see it on, I turn to it. Hubby is in the background sighing and saying comments under his breath. Like a traffic accident, I can’t help but gawk. Yes, I am one of those.

Hubby and I have often discussed the fact that I am the complete opposite. I am a self confessed “Tosser.”  If anything goes missing, I am the first to be blamed (then the dog, because it is likely she has eaten it).  There is no ownership to my family’s disorganization, just an easy blame that mommy threw it away or the dog ate it.

I do admit that I enjoy/love a tiddy house. Everything has a place, so there is no reason for things to be a mess. I have provided spaces, containers, and organizational tools for everyone and everything in our abode. Due to this fact…….nothing is safe if you leave it laying around in the public spaces of our home.

The kids come home from school and open their bags and I pull everything out and ask them what do they “really” need and all the rest I toss in my circular file (garbage can). I have one file folder were I keep Ms. A really good papers, tests, writings, and at the end of the year they get placed in a folder that has her grade level and filed away. Mr. D is not at that stage. Any paperwork from his therapies get filed away and if he can explain what he drew, painted, or crafted it gets hung on the wall. These hangings last about a week and then get tossed.   But don’t think me as a heartless mommy, I have been saving one piece of art from each school year and framing it. These hang in hallway and I love looking at the developmental progress each one shows.




I have quite a system to keep thing running smoothly in our house, but lately……….. Well, I’ve been slacking.   I looked at my desk and I can barely see the wood top.  What’s happening?  I can’t believe the pile up of paperwork that has arrived in our house.

I better start at it……Now were did I put those garbage bags?



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2 responses to “Paperwork Pile Up

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    I do the same thing, but I give fair warning to Jim. Then after days and days, I toss it, then he gets mad. Oh well. He lost some game pieces that way- that’s what he gets for ignoring me for over a week.

  2. Gwenael

    I don’t even warn. They know better by now.

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