Surprise for Hubby

So Hubby’s 40th birthday is approaching and I knew I had to do something big.  Parties are not the easiest undertaking in our house with my obsession for having a clean house for all to admire and then to clean and sanitize once it is over.  The whole process is exhausting and stressful.  I mean, I really enjoy having parties and I think we throw really good ones.  But I never seem to get to enjoy them as much as I want to.  I am  always watching the food levels, if everyone has a full drink, and picking up so that things don’t get overwhelming messy.  It also is a major team effort, seeing that I do almost little cooking, that’s Hubby’s department.  Then there is the question of the kids (always ready for a party) and the dog (champion table surfer).  What to do with them is always a concern.

The result of my deilema…….rent out a room for all the friend and their families, have it catered, and not have a single concern.  This is what I did.  Four weeks of planning ended with a great party last night.  We had twenty some adults, ten kids, three babies, and a stress free party.  My SIL (sister-in-law) who works in the floral industry did a beautiful job with arrangements and balloons for the kids.  Oma was in charge of the cake and went all out on an almond chocolate mouse creation for the adults …..  vanilla and chocolate cupcake for the kids.  I selected (that was my cooking contribution..HaHa)  two buffets.  The kids had fruit, chicken tenders, cheese pizza, and an ice-cream sundae.  We adults had a salad bar, asparagus, roasted red potatoes, pasta Primavera, chicken Wellington, beef tenderloin, and an open bar.  I had asked everyone to be there by 6 pm and had horderves going around and cheese and veggie platter too.

The turn out was great. We even had a friend travel from NY to celebrate.  The kids were old enough to sit at a separate table,  so we let them have at it.  Who knows what they ate and how well they behaved.  At one point, I looked over and saw they had made pirate hats with their napkins (quite a creative little bunch.)   All I know, is there was no crying and lots of sweaty little faces that were playing tag and hide-in-seek in the hallways.  My only rules to them, was not to interrupt the adults and stay in the building.  They did both, so ice-cream galore was at  their fingertips.

I had asked each friend to write a memory or a funny experience they had with Hubby to read and share during dinner.  I never realized what a quasi bully he had been in high school and how he and his friends were on that verge of being a gang of hoodlums.  Boy, did we have some good laughs about the antics they did.  My parents expressions for some of these stories were priceless.

I had a hard time deciding what to write.  I even was working on it the morning of, when Hubby went to work out.  With permission from him, I am sharing what I chose to write.

Surprise and Happy Birthday —-.  this has been in the works for about four weeks and keeping a surprise of any type is not a strong point of mine.  At one point last week you even got upset that I had put so little effort in your Birthday plans.  I hope that you can forgive me.

I asked each person to write a memory or experience that they have with you, to share tonight.  Even though I have had four weeks to think and ponder about what I wanted to share, I still had a difficult time narrowing it down.

I’ve know you for over half your life and could tell a bookful of stories, so lets start with how we met.

Who would have thought that I would have married the guy (who when I was fifteen) put me in the trunk of his mom’s florist van next to an intoxicated D—– to attend my first concert at the C—-.  If only you knew, I am sure you might have treated me better than some cargo.  

We rekindled our friendship after college.   You, T—, and me were the only ones back in town and we were like the three amigos hanging out and having fun.  At my brother’s wedding, it seems that you and several others saw me in a different light.  You quickly broke the “friendship code” and started dating me….  Your friend’s little sister….  Six months later we were engaged and a year after that we were married right here at F——–.

We bought our first house together on S—-Drive and literally did every type of DIY project one could imagine.  We make a great team.  These projects were proof on how well we complemented each other.  You were willing to do and try anything…like ripping out our concrete patio the week before a huge summer party, to having a dump truck load of brick pavers piled on our driveway for me to sort through.

You also have some serious smarts in that head of yours.  You managed to complete all my online courses for my master’s degree with flying colors. You earned that Special Education Supervision degree along side of me.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

You supported the decision of becoming foster parents to one of my students.  You worked miracles for that child who needed to see what a real father was like.  You are the best “Hands on Dad” any kid could wish for.  Even after a long day, you have no issue about making dinner and getting the kids ready for bed.

You are the calm to my temper.  You are the sensible to my craziness.  At times we disagree and battle it out, but in the end we forgive and move on.  You are my supportive wall, providing for our family so well.  We have no wants.  You are there for us and I love you with all my heart.  I am so proud of you and all that you do.  Everyday, I consider myself lucky to be married to you.

May we be celebrating still in another 40 years!

Thanks for letting me share and may we always appreciate the ones we love everyday, not just on those special occasions.

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!



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2 responses to “Surprise for Hubby

  1. Kim

    A good time was had by all. You did a fabulous job and we were honored to be included in the festivities! Glad my daughter didn’t have a 2 year old metdown from lack of nap. It’s a crap shoot sometimes ya know. I’ve said it before, but the above pic of you guys is just awesome. You should have it put on canvas- a nice Key West memory.

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