What a beautiful sunny day we woke up to. It’s a Monday, the most difficult day of the week for us, and both kids need to be ready for school and out the door by eight to catch the bus. However, that sunshine streaming in through my windows just put me in a good mood. It is on high voltage and the grass is frozen with ice crystal, an absolutely beautiful sight to see. I, of course, focus on what needs to get done and turn my head from that precious sunshine and towards the fridge to make lunches. I pack some yummy treats, feed the dog, throw in a load of laundry, take out the trash, and hit the pile of dirty dishes and cookware from last nights Superbowl Buffet. Eating the entire game and enjoying the commercial, what a great way to end a weekend.

Ms. A was a bit sluggish this morning, so I got my hollering voice on (you know, that deep threatening mama voice) and told her to “get a move on!” After setting her up with some cold cereal (yeah, I don’t put much effort into breakfast) and fixing her attempted hair styling. I quickly scooted up to wake Mr. D.

Now, I found the trick to having a reasonable morning send off with him is all based on waking him up in a pleasant mood. I peek in his room and see that he squirreled down into his blankets and didn’t look like he was going to get up soon.   So….I opened the blinds, turned on the lights, banged open and closed his drawers to get his outfit for the day. Still no reaction. I then proceed to bounce on the mattress making him fly in the air in a fit of giggles. Mission accomplished! Got Mr. D dressed in an approved outfit by him (must have a tag on the inside-side-seam for rubbing when sucking his thumb), his morning routine done, and down the stairs we go. Me carrying more laundry and him, his plastic “cougar” that goes EVERYWHERE .

Breakfast served, backpack packed, load of laundry transferred, I look at the clock and see we have NO minutes to spare. Off to the mudroom to get our shoes, coats, hats, mittens and out the door we go with Nala in tow. Of course, Mr. D doesn’t make it easy and wants to look for bugs, worms, and whatnots. After a quick explanations and some mommy fibbing about hibernation/sleeping bugs, down the driveway we go. The bus comes right on time. We did get a few rock throws, to see in the ice in the culvert was thick. It was not. And on the bus they go, excluding “cougar”, who has been banned from school. “Cougar” is, as I type, waiting at the bus stop next to a pretty rock Mr. D wants to add to his collection. I, being a good mommy, will walk down there when I take Nala out and retrieve him. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to “cougar”, especially with those crazy middle schoolers who get out of school on the earlier bus.

Coming back in the house I grab my juice and my IPad and go sit in the sunroom to soak in the rays and relax. This feeling of serenity was abruptly stopped. This beautiful sunshine, who we have missed for so long, was uncovering the awful truth of my housekeeping skills. My windows were smeared with fingerprints and dog slobber and there was a thick coating of dust on all the flat surfaces. Dust was sparkling like little crystals floating and dancing happily around.

Oh, curse you sunshine!!!! I now have a few more things I should probably do on my cleaning list today. Or…..I can just wait and hope for grey skies again.


“cougar” waiting for his boy to return home


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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Speaking of dust, could you head on over to my house when you’re done???

    p.s. Cougar looks pretty ferocious.

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