Skiing with a shark

Mr. D and I went off to his last ski lesson of the season. Thankfully there was snow on the slopes, even if there is none on the ground at our house.

Today he did not have school, so he was quietly settled down in front of the television, while I was getting some chores done. Happily watching his favorite programs, when I announced it was time to go.

Nooooooo….. Mr. D wasn’t pleased about leaving his comfy nest in front of the T.V., to bundle up and go skiing.  He REALLY didn’t want to go…. But mommy insisted. Especially after paying an obscene amount of money for these ohhh so necessary lessons. (We are anxiously waiting for him to get these basic ski skills down in order to do our first real family ski trip.)

Mr.D has learned a lot from his lessons so far, but I have learned a few things too. I now know that I should always stay uphill from him when tandem skiing, I should traverse the hill to slow our speed down, and that my son is quite a scardy cat.

Yes, my big brave boy is not so brave on the hill. He took a very bad fall during lesson four (a yard sale, due to his equipment falling off and being spread all over the hill) and I didn’t think I was going to get him back out on the slopes. Thankfully these dedicated coaches who specialize in little skiers, found out what makes him tick.

ANIMALS….. Any kind. He likes the stuffed, plastic, and real versions of any and all creatures that roam the Earth. (Our friend Cougar goes skiing in his zipped up pocket each time.)

Today, Coach Laura greeted Mr. D with a large plastic shark. His sour mood quickly changed and off he went to take his new buddy Sharky skiing.


His lesson was two hours long, but Sharky and Mr. D had a great time. They rode the chair lift, skied the hill, and even ran the slalom course.


Mommy is so proud of her little skier. I just hope we don’t always have to ski with a shark or a Cougar in our pocket.


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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    What a ham!

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