Let it Snow

Finally, the snow is here! Hubby has only had to plow twice this year and the tractor (Big Green) was a little grumpy starting up. He had to throw the chains on and off he went to clean the driveway. The kids then ran upstairs to get their gear on and followed him out the door.

Ah peace and quiet….. Nala snuggling down in front of the fireplace and looking like she ready for a nap.   I, opting to stay in my pj’s, covered with a mound of blankets, sneaking some cookies, while reading the paper. This is how a snowy Sunday should be.

My quiet didn’t last long. Mr. D just loves to ring the doorbell. Nala then gets in a tizzy wanting to know who is there, so I have to get off the couch to see what’s up.

“Get your camera” Ms. A yells through the door. I was not happy with the request because I am still in my robe and pj’s, but being the good mommy that I am ……. I yell back, while stuffing the last cookie in my mouth, “Where is Daddy, he can do it.”

Hubby comes pounding up the garage stairs, letting in cold air and dripping snow on my newly mopped floors. “Come see.”

I VERY reluctantly get my coat on, slide on my boots and grab the phone/camera.




The three of them built a really good fort. The best of the year, well the only one of the year. I take the mandatory photos to document their accomplishment and shower them with all the mommy complements required for the occasion. I then do an about face and head/run back in.

Ten minutes go by and I just start warming back up and I hear the pound of the garage stairs……What now?



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4 responses to “Let it Snow

  1. Dawn

    “Hubby” reliving his childhood of building forts! What fun! They did an awesome job. Why isn’t there a picture of “hubby” in the fort too???

  2. Gwenael

    He couldn’t squeeze in without causing a collapse.

  3. Kim M. Hammond

    Hubby couldn’t take the pics himself?! And then show you in the comfort of your pile of blanets.

  4. Gwenael

    I thought the same thing.

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