Valentines Yummies

Today is not just another Tuesday, it is a holiday. Yep, today is Valentines Day. I currently don’t make a big deal about it, but at one time I thought quite differently. As a single gal, I spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming about who I would spend this day with. As a dating gal, I put much effort into planning every detail and organizing a perfect date. As a newlywed gal, my thoughts were placed into making the most romantic evening possible. Now as an old married women, I am too busy planning school parties, running errands, and doing the daily routine to think of romance.

I did make a huge effort to have a sit down dinner for the family. This is almost an impossible feat during the week for our family. Ms. A has PSR one night and dance three other nights. Mr. D has school twice a week, so bedtime is 7:30 in order to make morning time manageable. Hubby comes home later in the evening, so that leads to the kids eating around 5 ish and Hubby and I eating when he gets home.

So a family dinner was my Valentine goal…..The kids “helped” me set the table. Ms. A made a cute card with chocolate hearts attached while she was supposedly setting the table. Mr. D ended up chasing Nala around the kitchen while she snitched the napkins off the table. Me, a non cook, made roasted chicken, rice, Asian salad, and found the biggest strawberries around. Hubby was only a little bit late, but he came bearing gifts.


We have a great local chocolatier. Hubby came home with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered raspberries. I only was able to photograph the box of raspberries due to the ravaging of the strawberries.

The box says in bold typed “eat within two days”……as if that will be a problem.

Happy Valentines Day!


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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Was that my Asian salad you made? Horribly complicated wasn’t it! I got the grapes and strawberries, we froze the grapes (after sampling of course) and I think you can do the same w/ the raspberries.

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