Funerals, Succulents, & Big Foot

I was given a new business opportunity this week.  A friend, who has her own successful business, presented me with an idea of doing planters for funerals.  It sounds like a great way to expand the marketing reach of my company, but I wonder.  Funerals? Am I up  for this?  Would people really want a succulent planter to remember this somber occasion?  And most importantly would my planters be good enough to honor these people who have passed on?

Let me give you a little background info so that you better understand my thinking.

I come from a very small family.  I have just one older brother.  Both my parents were only children, so I have no aunts, uncles, or cousins.  My parents  immigrated to the United States right before I was born, so I have little contact with any extended family and therefore have not been to those funerals of the older generation. From what I understand in Belgium they don’t really embalm the bodies.  You are laid out on refrigerated beds and flowers and candles with very strong scent are used.  Oma would always comment on how some strong scented flowers reminded her of a funeral.  That’s an association I am glad I don’t have.

When I married Hubby, I was excited to be married into a family that had some limbs to their tree.  Sadly, Hubby has been to several funerals of the older generation.  I did attend the funeral of his grandparents and saw the wonderful floral displays at the funeral home and church.  We even brought home a planter with some palms that currently reside in the sunroom.

Now…….I know that I would rather have a planter versus a bouquet of flowers for any type of occasion.  Flowers only last so long and then they need to be thrown away.  Cut flowers are pricey and a large bouquet can be very expensive.  I know that I could work with the price range, but still…….I am kind of creeped out about the whole thing.

With all my luck this would become successful.  I mean, so succesful that I get some weird nick name and that my work is associated just with death.  I can see me driving around town delivering planters for the dead.  Knowing where all the funeral homes are located and going to the back door like it was nothing.

Not to be harsh, but I was hoping my planters would be gifts used to bring joy and happiness.  Not this….

I am questioning myself.  Is this a good choice  for the company?  It probably is.  It opens the door to a whole new possibility of customers.  Can I emotional handle the sadness that surrounds this occasion?  Probable not.  I’ll have to deliver the planters to the funeral home myself, so there is no detaching myself from the situation.

Oh, did I mention that I am a huge scardy cat.

I have this theory if I plan for all the bad things, they might not happen……like I said its just a theory.  I get thoughts or scary images in my head and there is no sleeping that night.  I would highly recommend not watching the movie “I AM LEGEND”, I didn’t sleep well  for quite some time.  Ugg….I still can see flashes of that movie in my head.

I sleep with the hall light on (ummm..thats in case the kids wake up).  I have the security system always set in case a crazy mad man decides to visit our neighborhood.   I make Hubby sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. (you know, just in case)  I do believe that there are ghost……What kind……I am not sure, but something is out there, otherwise there wouldn’t be all these stories.  And don’t get me started on Big Foot.

I always talk out bad situations with the kids, so that if they might encounter it, they might remember how to handle it.  When boarding a plane I alway discuss our escape plan with the family (this does freak the kids out a bit)…..

Do I sound like a person who could handle funeral home visits?

I think that I could create something that I would be proud to present to my costumers and they in return would be proud to sign their name to the card.

Yikes…..just thinking about it is causing me stress.

Tonight, I meet up with my first client on this topic.   I have a feeling that bedtime will be late and the lights will be on.  Poor Hubby, what did I get myself into now.



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2 responses to “Funerals, Succulents, & Big Foot

  1. Good luck with your new venture.

  2. Kim M. Hammond

    I think this is an excellent idea. I wouldn’t look at it as your creation being associated w/ death. I think that the lucky family member who brought it home would have it as a reminder of someone they love who is now gone but the plant is a living reminder that will go on. I always try to order a planter instead of flowers when I can. And you can contact out delivery. There’s companies out there that deliver everything., ie. Bonnie Speed.

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