Love those plants

My client meeting went well. We discussed ideas for a planter for the funeral and came up with a lovely idea.

This creation is a combination of a four inch planter stacked within an eight inch planter. I created two of these “double deckers” and put them on the shelf to give them a chance to take root.

I also had the opportunity to do my first donation to a silent auction for the local women’s shelter. I hope this might be another venue to get my name out and make some much needed money for this worthy cause. I priced it at fifty dollars. Let’s hope there are some women in attendance who love succulents and decide to fight over this cute little planter.


Also during my client meeting I was able to sell some of my adorable globes.





I got to put my hands back into my dirt barrel today and get my creative juices flowing. I haven’t had the need to create any new planters since my last show and I so much enjoy planting.

I want to thank my client for getting me back into my planting groove and for appreciating the work I do. Who knows, I just might make a success of this buisness yet!



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2 responses to “Love those plants

  1. Happy Client

    I am one HAPPY client! I love, love my little globes! They look adorable hanging above my sink. I purchased one for my sister and I love them both so much that she is going to have to buy her own! I also purchased the most perfect little pot…blue to match my kitchen. Now if only I can keep everything alive! Lol

  2. Gwenael

    Thanks so much Happy Client! Just remember to put your weekly ice cubes and all will be fine!

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