Getting back on the Wagon

Catchy title, yes? …. Wonder what I am going to ramble on and on about this time….Sorry to disappoint, but I am “getting back on my wagon of responsibilities.”……Hoping for something juicier to read about, let me tell you I would love too, but I am saving all that stuff for my memoirs.

So I haven’t updated or done any work on my website or my store page It was one of my New Year’s Goals and I had given myself a deadline of MLK day. Well, that has come and past and now we are celebrating President’s Day, so I thought this would be a good time to focus on it. Like a lot of things that I have assigned deadlines for, I see the date go by with no progress done on them. I am not sure what is going on in my head, but something is not right. I normally am so good about deadlines and completing projects. It must be all the pop I am consuming. (That resolution went out the window quite some time ago.)

I wonder if this lack of follow through is a side effect of my mommyhood. Its the only logical explanation for this “so out of character” behavior I am exhibiting. As a mom, I have so many things to keep track of that are no longer really pertaining to me. The whole family’s schedule of events, meetings, activities, assignments, and obligations are all orchestrated by me. I am constantly referring to my color coded schedules to make sure nothing is missed or overlooked. With the kids getting older, more things seem to be piled on. I always felt that it would become easier when they became more independent. I was sadly mistaken. The simple things like getting dressed, eating, bathing, and toileting are easier. They are replaced with driving places, supplying things, and lots of time management. This leads to all my personal responsibilities going on the back burner. Updating the website can be put off. Where as laundry and grocery shopping can not.

Well, I decided to do something about this. Get back on track and get things done. My SIL contacted me after my post on Funerals, Succulents, & Bigfoot and said if I was serious about My Little Green Thumb she would help. She came by on Sunday and we went to work. Oh, did I mention that It just happens that she has experience in the floral industry running a shop, being a designer, and being a rep for a huge distributor. How could I go wrong with this help.

The first thing we did was make up some samples for her to go around to a selective number of shops who might be interested in this style of planters. We talked about the huge new trend in weddings is succulents and that could be a whole new avenue to look at.

Hubby then took the two “distractions” away to visit Oma and we girls fired up the computer and got to work. My site is through Go Daddy. At the time it was a one stop shop and if I had to do it over, I most likely would not have used them. But what is done is done and being the optimist, I signed up for a five year contract.

I literally forgot how to manage and work on the site. There was a lot of F—— around, but I was able to get some basic things done. The first thing was to put prices up and better contact info. I then completely took one page down “Little Thoughtful Gifts” and changed that into a page that focused on custom planters. I got stuck on the uploading of pictures, a few more expletives were said, but I managed to get a few pictures up.

I was able to get the web pages done, but I am not pleased with the picture quality. I need to read up on how to stage my planters and work on lighting them correctly. The shots I’ve taken outside are so much better than the ones indoor, however, that’s not an option with the current weather. I’ll need to mull over how to solve this issue. Possibly fabricate some kind of light box to stage them in.

Overall, the website looks presentable, so I turned my attention to the store. ARGGGG….after figuring out the taxes, shipping charges, getting pictures to products, and setting it up to be user friendly, I thought I was done. Nope….I needed to set up a PayPal account and link it up to my shop. Simple enough, right?…..not so much…..I had to link it to my bank account and get approved.

Where am I standing after spending an entire day on “getting back on the wagon.”

1. I have a presentable website that just needs a little work on photos.
2. I have a store ready to go, just waiting on bank approval from PayPal.
3. I have a new business relationship with my SIL.
4. I have a very neglected family in need of mommy.

Who would have thought that I didn’t even have an email address two years ago and I had no clue about the Internet. Look at me now, I am a huge apple fan with a desktop, iPad, and iPhone and I am even on Facebook. As my dear Shopping Buddy would say “You’ve got your big girl panties on now!”




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2 responses to “Getting back on the Wagon

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Big girl panties are always good, even if they’re a bit snug once in a while! Website looks great. I like the wedding idea too. I’d do that if I did it all over again. Great suggestion Dawn.

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