Mama, I have a runny nose.

I was quietly woken up early Saturday morning with Mr. D whisper-breathing in my ear.

“Mama, I have a runny nose.”

I look through my slitted eyes and see my little guy licking his upper lip, glassy eyed, and rubbing his nose on his sleeve.

“Let’s get you a Kleenex and take care of that nose of yours.”

This is how my day began.  I was surprised to see him in such a state since he showed no signs or symptoms Friday when he went to bed.  But if he had to be sick, this was the perfect day to be sick.  The schedule was clear, no dance classes needed to be driven to, no appointments had to be attended, and no specific work was required of me today.  Only Hubby had to go to a basketball game with some clients and to be helpful he took Ms. A along.

That left the two of us and Nala on our own.  I declared it a day of rest and PJ’s.  We climbed onto the couch (Nala on her bed) with a pile of blankets, a fresh box of Kleenex, the fireplace roaring, and a pile of DVDs to watch.

The day slowly crept by.  I did absolutely nothing except wipe a runny nose and take a dog out when needed.  Hubby came home mid afternoon and look around and said “You look like you have been busy.”

Ha Ha….I look up from my nest in the couch, surrounded by used Kleenex, dishes containing remains of our snacks,  empty juice cups, and still in or  PJ’s.  “Its our day of rest.” I say sweetly to him.

It didn’t take much to convince them ……Hubby and Ms. A changed clothes and joined us on the couch.  We refreshed our snacks and drinks and pick out a new selection of movies and settled in.

After the kids finally went to bed, I looked around at the results of our “day of rest”…..Oh boy, I am so glad we don’t have many “day of rest”, because I would be in a heap of trouble.



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2 responses to “Mama, I have a runny nose.

  1. I hope Mr D is feeling better today.

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