Hold my hand!

A response to these three little words got Mr. D in a world of trouble today.  He finally hit that age of wanting a little independence from his mama.  I am still uncertain about this independence he is pushing for.  I just can’t see him other than being my baby.  I know this is something I need to get over, but they grow up so fast and I just can’t believe that he is four already.  It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

Well, let me set the stage for this streak of independence.  The battle of wills happened during our outing to the mall. I just needed to do a few errands, exchange some pants for hubby and get a cable for our “wireless” printer.   Now our mall is not one of those huge mega malls.  It’s shaped like a V, with a food court in the center and is only one story.  Do to its smallness and being relatively vacant of shoppers, I have always let Mr. D walk freely next to me.  He may run ahead and run back to me or even lag behind and then catch back up.   It’s just a great opportunity for him to burn off some energy and I feel completely safe with him running about in this fashion.

Like always, I tell him the plan of what we need to do before we even leave the house.  He then asks if he behaves could he get some popcorn at the popcorn store.  I say sure and off we went.

First stop was to return some pants at Macy’s.  I just wanted to do a quick exchange and ten minutes later showing my ID and signing my life away, the task was done.  Mr. D managed to be somewhat patient, it helped that there was a large mirror he could make faces into and round racks he could run around.  He asks me if he had been good and I tell him “keep it up” and we move to our next chore.

The cable for my printer.  I go to the Apple store where I had purchased  both computer and printer.   After much discussion among  a young group of tech nerds, they decide that they do not carry a cable for a wireless printer, due to the fact that it’s wireless.  Duh…..  After a very length conversation about the difficultly of it picking up the signal and my immediate need of printing, hence the purchase of a cable, they refer me to Radio Shack.

At this points, I am losing control of Mr. D, so I feel the need to remind him of that great tasting popcorn for those that are well behaved.  He quickly gets off the floor that he had been crawling around on and hops to attention.  We did a quick stop at the popcorn store and the discussion starts.

Mr. D wants cheese popcorn.  I decline, saying it is to messy and we still have more errands to do.  I give him the option of  kettle corn or none at all.  After much complaining and me starting to walk out of the store he “changed” his mind and he wanted kettle corn.  We bought the snack size and off we went to Radio Shack to look for a cable.

There was an actually line I needed to stand in to get service.  Mr. D was standing next to me happily eating his popcorn.  He then moves off just a few feet to look at some robot spiders.   I was listening to the customers in front of me and I turn to check on Mr. D and he is gone……..

My heart literally stops…. I call his name …. no answer…..I call his name again…..no answer….I run to the door to see if he left the store/or someone took him…..I then hear his giggle…..there he is…… Just tucked behind the corner.  I was so relieved, yet so angry at the same time.

I grabbed his arm and the popcorn and marched back to the line.  He starts to cry that I am hurting him and that I am a mean mama.  He then pulls away from me and sits on the ground.  I ignore his crying, make my purchase, and tell him we are going home….

“Hold my hand”  I tell him.  “No” he  says…….I cant believe he is doing this.  We, of course, are located on the opposite end of the mall than were we entered, so I needed to drag my very unwilling  child through the mall.  Luckily, we did not run into any cops or friends of my mom.

I now have him by the scruff of his jacket, but we made it to the car.  He then asks for his popcorn.  Unbelievable I think! I told him naughty boys need to sit in time outs and they don’t get to eat popcorn.

Mr. D never seemed to turn his day around.  He was difficult during dinner.  Refusing to eat his meal.  Messed around during bath time causing lots of water to spill out.  He ended up going to bed early with no story.

What a day.  I hope he has a better one tomorrow.

Wondering what happened to the popcorn?   I love kettle corn…..it didn’t last very long.



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2 responses to “Hold my hand!

  1. Kim Hammond

    We want them to be independent, just not piss us off in the process. It’s a fine line huh.

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