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Adoption update – March part 2

Yeah for China!

They pulled off a good month of matching. 10…..let me repeat 10 days of matching. I am floored by this number. I was hoping for 5 to keep us on track. Lately, they have been matching such very small disappointing numbers, but 10!

China stats : matched to August 31, 2006

Our stats : Log In Date of September 22, 2006

This means there are 22 days of matching until it is our turn. If they keep this huge number pace, we could be matched in three months. Instead of this super hopeful rate, I will still set my heart to a November match. I don’t want to be disappointed if another slow down occurs.

But….for the sake of discussion …..what if.

That would mean we would get our baby this summer. I get giddy thinking about it. Hubby is the calm one who tells me “we will see” and I am the one who is like “yahoo!”.

Oh, and here is another turn of events. When looking through all our paperwork and getting it organized for renewal, I notice this.


Did you see it? …..We didn’t select a gender. We never thought that it would be a possibility of being matched with a boy. However, there have been families recently who have. For five years we have been hoping for our little girl, but now who knows.

There is excitement in the air. We can’t wait…..well, maybe we can wait just a little longer!



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My Sharecropper is back


Yes, my sharecropper gave me a call this week to let me know he would be coming over to work. He gives me a heads up now because on several occasions I have looked out the window thinking there was a homeless man walking through my yard with a shovel and buckets.

Not that there is a huge population of homeless gardeners, but you never know.

He managed to clean out two tiers of the garden. It doesn’t help him that I use the garden as holding beds for plants that I am transplanting. As you can see from the photo, I need to find some spots for some flowering bushes I moved in the fall.

That sharecropper, would be my Dad, otherwise know as Opa. Opa is the garden and yard master. He has made his yard into a mini paradise and has shown his mercy on ours to help transform it also.

Now Opa has a wooded lot with little sunlight and a huge deer population. We, on the other hand, have a huge expansion of nothing. When we purchased the property from the farmer, he joked that rabbits had to pack a lunch to cross this field.

Great views, bad dirt…. Opa had a huge job ahead of him. We planted everything in sight. There wasn’t even a tree for shade.

Once we planted some trees and made some beds, it was time for a garden. Since I do the yard work and most of the time I am barely keeping up. I made a deal with him. You can have a garden as long as I don’t have to do anything with it…..I mean, no watering, no weeding, no picking, nothing.

Don’t I sound like such a grateful daughter.

Well, he took the deal. We decided to put it on the side yard. That made it near enough to the watering hose, so no carting buckets after buckets to water. But it was out of my sight line, so I didn’t have to view it, if it got out of hand.

I did install some recycled railroad ties and brought in some good soil to give him a good start. It’s been a couple of years now and he has expanded it once. He has also had to put a fence around it, in order to keep Nala and the bunnies out. It’s the second fence design and it doesn’t work for either Nala or the bunnies.

What does Opa plant in his garden. He has learned that only a few things are successful and so he rotates them each year. One tier for potatoes, a tier for two plantings of beans, a tier for tomatoes-cucumbers-squash. All successful and yummy to eat.

He has done a great job with the garden. It looks nice and has great results. There is nothing like a fresh potato. The kids have fun “helping” him and eating the results of his work.

Thanks to Opa we have a beautiful yard, plentiful garden, and a great opportunity to work together in the fresh air.


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Why wait for the Bunny


Mr. D found my chocolate stash.

Yes, I had purchased a large bag of chocolate goodies at Sam’s Club to curb my craving. It was my fault to even go shopping while I was hungry. There it was, sitting on an end cap. Right next to the industrial size ketchup container and cases of cheese puffs. This yummy multiple pound bag contained the perfect mix of peanut butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and crispy. Who could resist…..definitely not me.

Well, I had put this bag deep into the abyss of the pantry. Behind the cooking oil and healthy cereal. A place where no kid would go. Yet, he found it. Sniffing it out like a bloodhound.

Sweetly after dinner he asks if he could pick out a treat. He did a great job eating dinner without complaining, so I said sure. Next thing I know, he is bringing MY bag to the table.

Busted….. Now I have to share.

Just wait till the Bunny comes. Those baskets will be raided when certain little people go to bed.


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Car talk from a girl


So I was driving back home from visiting a friend and low and behold this beauty turns in front of me.

A bright yellow TESLA. An all electric sports car made in Silicon Valley with a Lotus chassis. It goes two hundred miles on a single charge, but the best part is… goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Cost is about 110 thousand dollars.

Now, I am not a car nut. I actually know nothing about them, except the basic concepts of how they work and how to operate them. Hubby, on the other hand, is all about cars. He loves to look at them, talk about them, dream about them, and shop for them. I refuse to ever go car shopping with him ever, ever, ever, again. It is a loooooong drawn out process that takes his entire focus for several months prior to the actual purchase.

I, on the other hand, pick out the features I want, the color, and the deal is done. My first vehicle I purchased out of college was a beautiful two door Grand Am that had a spoiler and plaid seats. I loved that car and her name was “Belle”.

I then needed something with more room and better winter handling. Hubby was in the picture and his opinions were included in the selection. I moved up to a used Jeep Cherokee Laredo. It was white with tan interior and I called it “Jeep”. Not an original name, but it suited him well. It was great in the winter, sat up nice and high, had quadratrac, and room for the dogs.

We then had Ms. A. As you all know, when you have a baby, you have to cart around half your house. Hubby insisted on a van. I grieved the lose of my Jeep and sadly accepted my new mini van. ARG! I hated it before I even drove it. It was a white Chysler Town and Country. Wow you think….they make a great van….wrong! Mine was so basic. It had two bench seats that weighed a ton and were hard to take out. It only had air vents in the front. Hubby installed a trucker fan for the rear bench because it was so hot and stuffy for those in the back. Everyone would ask to borrow it to haul the stuff that they would never put in their car. It was used like a pickup truck on many occasions and I would be left to clean it up. It would get stuck in the snow and then it started to rust in the most odd spaces. After five years of hearing me whine and complain about this van. Which, by they way, was never named. Hubby decided it was time to start looking for a replacement. The van was slowly falling apart and costing to much money in repairs than it was worth.

Time for a new car. My choice. My decision. Hubby didn’t want to hear anymore complaining. My request…. no more white, something that seats seven, rides well in snow, fits my double stroller in back with room for groceries, has captains chairs, and of course American made.

The double stroller was a key point. At the time I was pregnant with Mr. D and we were thinking that the adoption was going to land about the same time. This would mean we would have “twins”. My parents purchased me the cadillac of all strollers in celebration of this fact. The BOB revolution double stroller. Absolute the best stroller out there.

Oh the searching……The looking……The car shows.

We ended up in GMC dealership. We started looking at the Acadia. It fit all the requirements, except I couldn’t fit the double stroller in without taking off the front wheel or putting down one seat. The salesman just didn’t get it. I was not going to mess around with the stroller every time I got in and out of the car with two babies and Ms. A. He clearly did not have any children. We then looked at a Yukon. Same problem. This guy didn’t get it. He kept looking at Hubby like I was crazy.

Who buys a car based on a stroller. Well, I guess I do.

Finally, after insisting I need enough trunk space to put “BOB” with out disassembling any parts of him and still have room for a diaper bag and other things, he showed us a Yukon XL. Bingo! It was everything I needed….seven seats, captain chairs, four wheel drive, and a huge trunk.

We love “Clifford”. He is big and red. The largest SUV on the road. My family can’t get over how I maneuver him around. There are something I do different with such a large vehicle. I park at the end of the lot to avoid tight spots and as a courtesy to those smaller cars with limited vision. I have to watch the turning radius. Its doesn’t turn on a dime. Go figure. I haven’t been in any accidents and if I do get in one, I know the family will be safe. My only faux pas is that I have hit the garage once, in the first month of ownership. I scraped the entire side of the car and damaged the corner of the house. Oops!

Yeah, that was no good…. I now have a tennis ball directing me to my spot it the garage. I have a few inches in the front and a few in the back. No room to spare.

Now, how does a girl like me, who picks a car based on a stroller, know anything about that beautiful TESLA.

Wheeler Dealer, Auto Week, Chasing Classic Cars, Top Gear, Mecum Auction, and American Chopper

These are television shows that Hubby watches. I am more an HGTV kind of girl. Yet, somehow this car stuff must seep into my brain when I am not paying attention.


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Dress Rehersal


Here she is….in one of her four costumes. I was given a list of things to purchase……a certain palette of makeup, fake eyelashes, and a bun maker. Her first competition is next weekend and the excitement is starting to build.

As I was sitting in the dressing room with the other moms, waiting for the girls to finish their routines, I was clearly out of my element. This group of women were pros. They aided their daughters in lightening quick costume changes, makeup touch ups, and hairstyles. I, on the other hand, was schooled on how to make a proper bun. Who knew? Clearly not me. When I did manage one, shellacked with a can of extra hold hairspray, I realized I did the mirror image of what needed to be done. Oh well, the show must go on.

Ms. A looked great. She managed to do all the right steps and I promised her that I would get it together for next weekend.

I just need to figure out those eyelashes. Really…….


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Hillbilly hand fishing

Today is Thursday and Mr. D and I were out and about running some errands. One of those errands was to get fingerprints redone for our Home study update. Hubby was to meet up with us at the sheriff department which is located in the county jail.

While I was driving, Mr. D started asking some questions about where we were going. I told him that we were going to jail to get our fingerprints checked to make sure mommy and daddy were good people. He then proceeded to ask questions…….about the sheriff, bad people, the “cages” they lived in, if we could visit them, and of course if any bad animals lived there.

Mr. D has been a tad bit difficult lately…last night he got sent to his room until daddy came home from work. It was not a very effective punishment because I found him asleep in his bed. He then was wide awake when it was his bedtime….What was I thinking!

With this in mind, I thought this experience would be a good teaching opportunity. I made mention that next door (the Juvenile Detention Center) is where the bad kids go. This quieted him down. I then pointed it out when we drove past. He made no comment. I got him out of the car and pointed out the tall fences and the cameras watching everything we do. More silence.

We walked into the jail, daddy was waiting, and signed in with an armed officer. Since I have done this four prior times, I felt like a pro and knew exactly what to do. We all sat down in the waiting area, (this is always a fun experience with all sorts of people eyeing you up and wondering what you are here for) waiting to be buzzed back in. Mr. D was overwhelmed. He even asked to sit in my lap. We finally get called back and they process all our paperwork and take our prints. Mr. D was hiding behind our chairs. He didn’t mention one question he had planned on asking and wouldn’t even look the officer in the eye.

I think I scared him……there goes that wonderful teaching experience down the drain. Hubby just shook his head….What….I was just trying.

So, what does this story have to do with fishing. Well, Mr. D wanted to wear his fancy new outfit that his Oma bought him, so on our way home we stopped by to visit her. Mr. D proudly ran up to her back door, yelling at the highest volume possible. My mom looks out the window and says hello and he takes off. Straight for the garage to change out of his shoe and into his boots. (I trained him well). He then finds his “fishing bucket” and head out to my dad’s beloved Koi pond.

Opa provides him some bread and to work he goes.

Mr. D manages to catch the fish in his hands without any bait. He only feeds them when they get in the bucket. This activity can occupy him for some time and when the catching slows down he carries the bucket to the house to show his prizes. Oma, of course, complements his technique. While Opa looses his patience and tells him to put his fish back where they belong.

Thank goodness we covered the pond with a net. Those are some pretty dumb fish.

During our visit/fishing trip to Oma’s, he made no mention of our jail visit…..I guess my little “scare straight” technique didn’t leave such a lasting impression on him.

What a relief!


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Blooms in the yard

Here I am, on this beautiful day, cleaning my flower beds. I’m raking, cutting, pulling, and shoveling my way around the yard. My head is down, looking at the earth before me. My back is aching, blisters forming, and I am generally working until exhaustion hits me and I can do no more.
I finally sit down to take a break and look at what I have accomplished….. Not only do I see some tidy flower beds…… I also see my yard in bloom. Well, not everything yet, but the things that are blooming look amazing!
I though I would share some pictures of a few of them.



I hope that you can take some time to look around and enjoy the beauty that might be just outside your door!


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