Dance Mom, not yet

My Beautiful Ms. A has found her path.


She has finally shown us her love and commitment for an activity. Being our first born, she was given every opportunity to try everything and anything available. We did soccer, gymnastics, skiing, Girl Scouts, swimming and everything that was presented to us. Hoping that she would find her “thing”. She enjoys everything that she tries, but she is the child you see on the soccer field picking flowers until the coach yells to her to watch for the ball. She is the child that enjoys the outfits and accesories that come which each activity. (I have no idea were she gets this trait, Ha Ha.)

So when she asked to take a Dance class, I told her she needed to wait until she was in first grade. With much anticipation, she got her wish of a Ballet Class. She looooved it! I couldn’t believe how focus she was and how much effort and pride she put into this activity. She found her “thing”. In second grade she was able to add another class. Now as a fourth grader she is in three types of dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) and has a place on the competition team. We are at the studio three times during the week and every other Saturday. It’s a huge time commitment for the entire family as Mr. D gets dragged around to everything.

I also found it to be quite costly. For example, each of her four costumes cost a minimum of 80 dollars each. Her one costume is this wild rainbow striped unitard with tutu, wings, and light up hair piece. Real classy, but they are dancing to “Firefly” and when you put everything together, it actually looks like a good representation of the dance. Her shoes can no longer be bought at Payless for 20 bucks and are order through the studio, her makeup kit comes from the Mary Kay consultant that works with the costume designs, and all the traveling. This summer we will be flying to Orlando to compete in Disney World.

When I look at all of this, I understand how some moms can go a little “crazy” about the whole thing.

The “dance world” is very interesting, full of strong personalities, and quite overwhelming. I tend to shy away from these things, but for my daughter I am now involved.

Dance Mom, not yet! Now where did I put that form to order her mandatory personalized, sequence, jogging suit.




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8 responses to “Dance Mom, not yet

  1. Ah yes! I can relate to the whole dance thing. Having tripped the light fantastic for several years myself, as a child and later as part of a fitness regimen when I was fencing, and having a daughter who attended dancing school for many years, I know just what it’s like to fork out for costumes and ballet shoes. I even volunteered one year to make the costumes for her class myself, (a sailor’s outfit with sequins and ribbons) a project that nearly drove me crazy since I had no dress-making experience and could barely thread a needle. Imagine my surprise when they won the prize for best costume when the class wore them in our local 4th of July parade!! Good luck Ms A, with your dancing career.

  2. My daughter is on the dance team at school, and will be Senior next year… the littlest of our crew is 3, she just started ballet. It’s so fun to see the progression, to stand back and watch all the changes, it amazing!

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