Wind, wind, go away!

What an odd winter we are having.  Yesterday I was at the ski slopes and it started to pour rain.  I have skied in the rain before but then the thunder and lightning came.  Of course we got off the slopes as quick as we could and huddled down in the lodge for a bowl of chili and a drink.  I think ski season in Ohio is official done.  I cleared out my locker and brought all my gear home.

I am now sitting in my family room listening to the wind howl across the house.  The siding is rattling and the trees are bending over.  We haven’t slept well in days now.  I need to turn off the television because all it shows is destruction  from these storms and tornadoes.

Everyone is on edge.  Nala refuses to go the potty and will hold it till the last moment.  Which usually involves waking up at 2 am.  Ms. A doesn’t want to take a shower in fear of electrocution.  I keep reminding her as long as its not a thunderstorm you are OK.  She doesn’t believe me.  Mr. D just climbs into bed with us.  That means no sleep for us. He proceeds to tell stories and talk until one of us yells, gives up, and then moves into his room.

I just can’t believe that winter is completely over.  I recall the last couple of Easters having snow on the ground.  There has been so much rain lately, I am sure the water table is high. It’s just so odd ……. like something big is going to happen. There have been so many environmental/geological things going on recently.  I wonder what Spring will hold for us.


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