Emergency room visit


I have been a mom of pets for over fifteen years and a mom to little people for about ten, and this was my first Emergency Room Visit for either…. Thank the Lord!

Nala was being a bit wild this morning and I thought I would let her blow off some steam in the backyard before she went to her agility training…..Bad idea.

We just started this training and she taking to it well. Her coach said she is a natural and that this would help her focus on me and increase her obedience level. I am all for having a better behaved dog and bonus she runs off a lot of energy in training so she is nice and tired when we get home.

So back to our crazy morning. We have some carpenters working on rebuilding the kids bathroom cabinets to make them more user friendly. They were here at 8 am coming in and out of the house. She got all worked up having strangers in the house, so as soon as the kids got on the bus, I put on her coat and sent her out in the backyard.

I see her doing laps around the yard.


She looks like she is having fun chasing the crows and snuffing around the plants. Next thing I know she is sitting at the back slider. That’s funny I think to myself. It’s not to cold out and the sun is shinning. Usually, I have to call her in. I go to the door and I see blood everywhere in the snow. I am stunned…. I step outside and see the blood is coming from her back paw.

Those paws have been giving us trouble all winter long. Yes, I have boots to protect them, but I didn’t put them on. Really regretting that….

Lucky for me we have a great vet. I gave them a call and they said bring her right in.

Leaving the carpenters on their own, I put her in Clifford and off we go. I was able to walk her right back to the OR and even held her while they sedated her and treated her. A couple minutes later plus a few stitches and a cast and we were all done.

The hardest part of the day was trying to carry her back in the house and put her in her crate without banging her head on anything.

In twelve days we go back…..I’ll keep you updated. As for her career in the sport of Agility. That’s on hold.



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4 responses to “Emergency room visit

  1. Aww!! Poor Nala. I hope she’s feeling better and running about again soon.

  2. She is so out of it because of the medication that she keeps having accidents. I am on my second load of laundry and I think I am in for a lot of wound care too.

  3. Maryann

    We know Nala will be okay…..but how are YOU!!!!!Just one more thing to deal with….never ends right?!!!!

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