4 A.M. wake up

For the last three nights, I hear a soft whimper coming from downstairs.

Nala sleeps in a large crate at night, that is located downstairs in our sun-room. One could only imagine the damage she could achieve if left loose to run the house. Each night when we go to bed there is a routine that we have with her. We take her out for her last potty break and when she gets back into the house she goes straight to her crate for a treat and then nestles down to sleep. Normally, she is good and can hold it until the morning when Hubby leaves for work. He then takes her out and re-crates her until I come down with the kids. This routine works for us. It keeps Nala safe, the house safe, and Mommy happy.

The last three nights, our routine has been off. This is understandable due to Nala sustaining a very bad foot injury, her possibly eating some of the bandages, and being on medication. All this leads to some tummy troubles. Yesterday, she didn’t eat breakfast, lunch, or any treats. She vomitted several times and had a BM containing gauze bandages.

Not good…..This is causing great concern for us. Hubby and I discuss that if there is no improvement, we are (really, that would be me) taking her back to the vet first thing in the morning.

Well……Nala decides to eat last night and boy did we feel a bit of relief. Now, all we are waiting for is a good poop. Then all will be good. It seems that only parents of animals or little people can appreciate the relief it brings, when there is a good poop……So, at 4 A.M. I hear her and get up to take her out. (unless I elbow Hubby awake, he never seems to hear the dog or kids at night)

No pooping luck…. I tuck her back in her bed and head back up to mine..

This is when it starts. It’s around 4:30 and I am tired but I can’t sleep. It’s an odd time to wake up. To late to put any effort in to falling asleep, but to early to start your day and not have ill effects in the afternoon. For half an hour I listen as Hubby is laying next to me breathing/snoring away. I can barely restrain myself from grabbing my pillow and covering his face to STOP the noise.

I can’t go into the spare bedroom because we just disassembled the bed to set up the nursery. If I head down stairs then Nala will get up and want to start her day. So instead, I lay in my bed listening to the snoring of beloved Hubby.

I then start thinking. Which is the worst thing to do when you are trying to sleep. I start fixating on all the little things that I need to get done or make decisions on. I then start worrying about bigger things. No sleep is in sight. I look at the clock and it seems like the minutes are dragging by. I have a notepad in my nightstand and I found if I write things down then my mind will calm down.

Needless to say I did fall asleep around 6 only to be woken up at 6:30.

I predict there is a wall in my future. I will probably hit it after lunch. Hopefully Mr. D and Nala will let me take a nap. I doubt it, they look to comfortable right now.





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4 responses to “4 A.M. wake up

  1. Hope Nala will back to normal soon and that you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  2. Kim M. Hammond

    Hmmm, setting up the nursery?? You’ll probably be wanting that crib back huh? Do you want to tell Sydney?? I’d better start child proofing her room if she’s going to allowed to run loose unsupervised in the middle of the nite. Come to think of it, she’s probably the most responsible person in the house. And on the poop note, never an issue in our house, especially for Jim.

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