Let’s Bowl!

So, I am not a “bowling-type” girl, but we have a dear childhood friend who is. He actually is the bowling coach at the local high school he teaches at. I didn’t even know that this was a high school sport until he started coaching the team.

Today was his 40th birthday and he had a party. Where else, but at the bowling alley that his team plays at. The whole family was invited and we have been looking forward to it for weeks. Ms. A has been to a few bowling parties before, but it was a first for Mr.D.


Ms. A was in her element. There was fun music, disco lights, and a group of kids to hangout with. It just happens that we, Hubby and I, have known each other since high school. We have been blessed with a great group of friends that have stuck together since our teens. This group has grown with the addition of wives and husbands, and most importantly children. We now have a second generation of friends among the children. It’s amazing to see our children enjoy the company of each other. It make these types of outing so much better when we can involve everyone. There is no need for babysitters. It’s always a family thing when we get together with our dear friends. That’s what makes these friends so great.


Mr. D was a little apprehensive about the whole bowling thing. He, is not one for trying new things. We have learned that talking about what we are going to do “sometimes” makes things go better. The Key word is “sometimes.”

Well, I forgot to tell him about the shoes….Arg, the shoes………It was almost a game stopper, but he saw the “big” kids running up to the counter getting their shoes and he decided it might not be so awful. After putting them on, he then pinched his hand between the bowling balls on the rack.  This put him off and he refused to hold the ball.  Hubby then took over and helped him out.  In the beginning he just ran next to  Hubby while he bowled, but then he asked to try.  He got some pins down and he started to get excited.

I feel so sorry for the floor…. The poor floor….We kept explaining to all the kids to roll the ball, not throw the ball.  I think the music was to loud because they did not alter their methods.  The bumpers went automatically up for the kids when they bowled and went down for us adults, what a fabulous idea!  The party really started rolling then.


The snacks, pizza, and cake came out and Mr. D decided he feet were tired and he was done….He had his eyes on the arcades……Mommy said no……. That didn’t go over well.


After two hours, we were ready to go home, or I was ready to go. A little to much noise, pop, junk food, and distracting arcades for mommy to handle for long periods of time.

Walking out of the alley Mr. D turned to Ms. A and said “That was a great party, we should do it again!”

We had a great time celebrating with our friends. The kids were overall well behaved for the situation and Mr. D had a successful first experience bowling.

I don’t  think we are ready for a league just yet……..however, I do like the matching shirts.


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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    I’m getting you matching shirts anyway!

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