Oh, for the love of Worms!


“Mama, look at all the worms I found.”

Mr. D then presents me with a handful of worms. I deposit them into a bucket and tell him to be gentle to his new little friends.

Today is sunny and in the sixties. Spectacular weather to do some gardening.

This morning I looked out the window and saw the sun just shinning away. Yesterday, was so disappointing with a day of rain, so I was pleased to see the sunshine. I put on my work clothes, opened the windows in the house to get some glorious fresh air, and found the phone to take outside  (heaven forbid I miss an important call or any call for that fact).  I then literally skip out to the shed and grab my tools and a pair of my favorite gloves (I go through about four pairs a season).  I look about the yard and think to myself “What am I going to get done today.”

Nala in her boots and tethered to the basketball hoop, so that she can’t get herself into trouble and Mr. D in his play clothes and stomping mud boots…… We are set for a morning of yard work.


My goal today was to trim back my ornamental grasses, clean up my Irises, and rake up the leaf litter in just ONE of my beds. I found that I don’t get so overwhelmed or burnt out, if I focus on one bed at a time.   Plus my back, knees, and hands don’t cry out for mercy at the end of the day.  I think if  I would look at the whole yard and what needs to be done, I would throw up my hands and walk away from it all.

Anyhow, I was making some good progress. Nala chewing on sticks, Mr. D hunting worms, and I focused on my task…..Raking away…….not to concerned at being gentle……and then….. I hit a nest of furry little creatures. They scatter out of the pile and dash all around me. There were probably just a handful, but at the moment it seemed like a swarm/herd/flock.

I proceed to scream and jump (a whole six inches) on a boulder for protection. Nala looks my way and sees that there is something fun happening and starts going crazy, lunging at her tether. Mr. D looks up from the pile of dirt he is digging in and asks what I found.

I laugh and tell him mommy is just being silly. I don’t want my brave little man seeing his mommy being such a wimp. I jump down from my protective perch and start poking around in the piles with my rake. When I am confident that there is nothing that can attack me, I start back up to my raking.  This time with a little more caution.

I managed to cut back all the grasses, pull up the rotting foliage from the iris, and rake up the litter. I transplanted some lilac bushes that sprouted off a larger one and dig out a tree that was crowding out some other plants.  During all that extra activity, I only broke the invisible fence in one spot.  This is pretty much a norm when I get my shovel going.  (Hubby, oh so loves to fix these breaks and he has become quite good at repairing them.)

I was able to get my job done this morning with minimal interruptions. Mr. D discovered a bucket of worms, one toad, and a nest belonging to something.

Our next project……Opa called and asked for help covering his pond with netting. He spotted some blue herons fishing and didn’t want to lose to many of his fish to them. Mr. D and I are off to help Opa. I am sure we will find all sort of fun things in his yard and pond.

This is going to be a week of great weather. There is no excuse for me not to get the yard work done….As long as I don’t find any snakes!


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