Adoption update for March

Its been so quiet, China where are you……….

Current stats…….China has matched till August 21, 2006

Our stats……..Log in date of September 22, 2006

As you can see we are so very close to be united with our little girl.  If you think about it…..she is alive somewhere in China…..just born….much in need of us.  But here we are waiting for the government to do what they need to do.  Patiently waiting for our time.

There has been little movement in the work done on matching families for the month of March.   There is rumor that matching will occur next week.  Let’s hope for five or more days of work done for this month.  If that happens, we will be on track for a November match.  I am checking the websites daily, seeing if there is anything happening.  Everything is sooooo quiet.

Instead of counting the days, getting the nursery ready, and nesting.  We are starting over on our paperwork.   Our home study gets renewed every two years and that involves lots of paperwork, fingerprints, inspections, financial reviews, medical reviews, and visits from our social worker.   However, in addition to that, this July our official paperwork for China expires.  We need to renew it every eighteen months.  The problem is that we have done this process four times already and that is the max the government allows.  Due to this, oh so fun rule, we need to switch all our paperwork into another format.  There is a new cost, of course.  There are a few more forms needed, of course.  And a lot more BS to deal with.

I am crossing my fingers that all goes in our favor.  I do realize that this never happens.  We always hit some kind of bump, but I now expect it and don’t freak out when things don’t work out.

Paperwork is so stressful.  No matter how well you plan, the deadlines always creep up.  Not to mention the financial cost.  I use to keep track of everything and document it all.  After I hit a certain number, I stopped.  I close my eyes when I write out the checks and we haven’t even hit the cost of traveling to China and the “donation” to the orphanage.

I always felt that the delay was meant to be.  It gave Mr. D his own time.  He had almost five years on his own.  It gave us time to get him on track and work with all the difficulties that he started with.   Ms. A will be 10,  Mr. D will be 5,  and Baby J will get to be the only baby in the house.

Only positive thoughts….only positive thoughts!



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8 responses to “Adoption update for March

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    It willl happen this year! Just keep looking at Sydney and say “I think I can I think I can.”

  2. jefflisakbooks

    Good luck, and lots of credit to you for hanging in there! My wife and I ran a waiting parents group in our town for a year or two. When we adopted, just before you submitted your paperwork, it was a pretty quick process. Shortly after, it got much harder. I’ve always felt for the people who had to go through that, but congratulations on being almost there! My advice: take a lot of granola bars to snack on – I’m an adventurous eater but I felt the food over there was kind of “far out.”

    Good luck!

    • I am the worst eater. Extremely picky! I choose not to eat anything that is presented to me with it’s head still attached…… I plan on packing peanut butter, crackers, cereal, and that such. I just hope that piece of luggage doesn’t get lost.

  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m happy to find yours! A dear friend of mine just adopted from China – her blog is I’m sure you have many adoption contacts already, but just in case you want to visit her blog, I’m sure she’d welcome your visit!

  4. Hang in there, it is well worth the effort. I grew weary of the meetings, background checks, home inspections and reams of forms, but tried to focus on the goal. You will be a great parent with this level of commitment.

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