Blooms in the yard

Here I am, on this beautiful day, cleaning my flower beds. I’m raking, cutting, pulling, and shoveling my way around the yard. My head is down, looking at the earth before me. My back is aching, blisters forming, and I am generally working until exhaustion hits me and I can do no more.
I finally sit down to take a break and look at what I have accomplished….. Not only do I see some tidy flower beds…… I also see my yard in bloom. Well, not everything yet, but the things that are blooming look amazing!
I though I would share some pictures of a few of them.



I hope that you can take some time to look around and enjoy the beauty that might be just outside your door!



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2 responses to “Blooms in the yard

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    OMG that white tree is beautiful. Can you come to our house next? I think George is re-doing our front yard this month. Tell your mom so she can come over and watch.

    • Gwenael

      That’s a Weeping Cheery tree. I can’t wait to see what your front yard will be transformed into. George works magic and he’s good looking too!

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