Hillbilly hand fishing

Today is Thursday and Mr. D and I were out and about running some errands. One of those errands was to get fingerprints redone for our Home study update. Hubby was to meet up with us at the sheriff department which is located in the county jail.

While I was driving, Mr. D started asking some questions about where we were going. I told him that we were going to jail to get our fingerprints checked to make sure mommy and daddy were good people. He then proceeded to ask questions…….about the sheriff, bad people, the “cages” they lived in, if we could visit them, and of course if any bad animals lived there.

Mr. D has been a tad bit difficult lately…last night he got sent to his room until daddy came home from work. It was not a very effective punishment because I found him asleep in his bed. He then was wide awake when it was his bedtime….What was I thinking!

With this in mind, I thought this experience would be a good teaching opportunity. I made mention that next door (the Juvenile Detention Center) is where the bad kids go. This quieted him down. I then pointed it out when we drove past. He made no comment. I got him out of the car and pointed out the tall fences and the cameras watching everything we do. More silence.

We walked into the jail, daddy was waiting, and signed in with an armed officer. Since I have done this four prior times, I felt like a pro and knew exactly what to do. We all sat down in the waiting area, (this is always a fun experience with all sorts of people eyeing you up and wondering what you are here for) waiting to be buzzed back in. Mr. D was overwhelmed. He even asked to sit in my lap. We finally get called back and they process all our paperwork and take our prints. Mr. D was hiding behind our chairs. He didn’t mention one question he had planned on asking and wouldn’t even look the officer in the eye.

I think I scared him……there goes that wonderful teaching experience down the drain. Hubby just shook his head….What….I was just trying.

So, what does this story have to do with fishing. Well, Mr. D wanted to wear his fancy new outfit that his Oma bought him, so on our way home we stopped by to visit her. Mr. D proudly ran up to her back door, yelling at the highest volume possible. My mom looks out the window and says hello and he takes off. Straight for the garage to change out of his shoe and into his boots. (I trained him well). He then finds his “fishing bucket” and head out to my dad’s beloved Koi pond.

Opa provides him some bread and to work he goes.

Mr. D manages to catch the fish in his hands without any bait. He only feeds them when they get in the bucket. This activity can occupy him for some time and when the catching slows down he carries the bucket to the house to show his prizes. Oma, of course, complements his technique. While Opa looses his patience and tells him to put his fish back where they belong.

Thank goodness we covered the pond with a net. Those are some pretty dumb fish.

During our visit/fishing trip to Oma’s, he made no mention of our jail visit…..I guess my little “scare straight” technique didn’t leave such a lasting impression on him.

What a relief!



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  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Those fish are wayyyy too small to eat!

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