Dress Rehersal


Here she is….in one of her four costumes. I was given a list of things to purchase……a certain palette of makeup, fake eyelashes, and a bun maker. Her first competition is next weekend and the excitement is starting to build.

As I was sitting in the dressing room with the other moms, waiting for the girls to finish their routines, I was clearly out of my element. This group of women were pros. They aided their daughters in lightening quick costume changes, makeup touch ups, and hairstyles. I, on the other hand, was schooled on how to make a proper bun. Who knew? Clearly not me. When I did manage one, shellacked with a can of extra hold hairspray, I realized I did the mirror image of what needed to be done. Oh well, the show must go on.

Ms. A looked great. She managed to do all the right steps and I promised her that I would get it together for next weekend.

I just need to figure out those eyelashes. Really…….



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2 responses to “Dress Rehersal

  1. Ms A looks lovely in her costume!

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