Car talk from a girl


So I was driving back home from visiting a friend and low and behold this beauty turns in front of me.

A bright yellow TESLA. An all electric sports car made in Silicon Valley with a Lotus chassis. It goes two hundred miles on a single charge, but the best part is… goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Cost is about 110 thousand dollars.

Now, I am not a car nut. I actually know nothing about them, except the basic concepts of how they work and how to operate them. Hubby, on the other hand, is all about cars. He loves to look at them, talk about them, dream about them, and shop for them. I refuse to ever go car shopping with him ever, ever, ever, again. It is a loooooong drawn out process that takes his entire focus for several months prior to the actual purchase.

I, on the other hand, pick out the features I want, the color, and the deal is done. My first vehicle I purchased out of college was a beautiful two door Grand Am that had a spoiler and plaid seats. I loved that car and her name was “Belle”.

I then needed something with more room and better winter handling. Hubby was in the picture and his opinions were included in the selection. I moved up to a used Jeep Cherokee Laredo. It was white with tan interior and I called it “Jeep”. Not an original name, but it suited him well. It was great in the winter, sat up nice and high, had quadratrac, and room for the dogs.

We then had Ms. A. As you all know, when you have a baby, you have to cart around half your house. Hubby insisted on a van. I grieved the lose of my Jeep and sadly accepted my new mini van. ARG! I hated it before I even drove it. It was a white Chysler Town and Country. Wow you think….they make a great van….wrong! Mine was so basic. It had two bench seats that weighed a ton and were hard to take out. It only had air vents in the front. Hubby installed a trucker fan for the rear bench because it was so hot and stuffy for those in the back. Everyone would ask to borrow it to haul the stuff that they would never put in their car. It was used like a pickup truck on many occasions and I would be left to clean it up. It would get stuck in the snow and then it started to rust in the most odd spaces. After five years of hearing me whine and complain about this van. Which, by they way, was never named. Hubby decided it was time to start looking for a replacement. The van was slowly falling apart and costing to much money in repairs than it was worth.

Time for a new car. My choice. My decision. Hubby didn’t want to hear anymore complaining. My request…. no more white, something that seats seven, rides well in snow, fits my double stroller in back with room for groceries, has captains chairs, and of course American made.

The double stroller was a key point. At the time I was pregnant with Mr. D and we were thinking that the adoption was going to land about the same time. This would mean we would have “twins”. My parents purchased me the cadillac of all strollers in celebration of this fact. The BOB revolution double stroller. Absolute the best stroller out there.

Oh the searching……The looking……The car shows.

We ended up in GMC dealership. We started looking at the Acadia. It fit all the requirements, except I couldn’t fit the double stroller in without taking off the front wheel or putting down one seat. The salesman just didn’t get it. I was not going to mess around with the stroller every time I got in and out of the car with two babies and Ms. A. He clearly did not have any children. We then looked at a Yukon. Same problem. This guy didn’t get it. He kept looking at Hubby like I was crazy.

Who buys a car based on a stroller. Well, I guess I do.

Finally, after insisting I need enough trunk space to put “BOB” with out disassembling any parts of him and still have room for a diaper bag and other things, he showed us a Yukon XL. Bingo! It was everything I needed….seven seats, captain chairs, four wheel drive, and a huge trunk.

We love “Clifford”. He is big and red. The largest SUV on the road. My family can’t get over how I maneuver him around. There are something I do different with such a large vehicle. I park at the end of the lot to avoid tight spots and as a courtesy to those smaller cars with limited vision. I have to watch the turning radius. Its doesn’t turn on a dime. Go figure. I haven’t been in any accidents and if I do get in one, I know the family will be safe. My only faux pas is that I have hit the garage once, in the first month of ownership. I scraped the entire side of the car and damaged the corner of the house. Oops!

Yeah, that was no good…. I now have a tennis ball directing me to my spot it the garage. I have a few inches in the front and a few in the back. No room to spare.

Now, how does a girl like me, who picks a car based on a stroller, know anything about that beautiful TESLA.

Wheeler Dealer, Auto Week, Chasing Classic Cars, Top Gear, Mecum Auction, and American Chopper

These are television shows that Hubby watches. I am more an HGTV kind of girl. Yet, somehow this car stuff must seep into my brain when I am not paying attention.



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2 responses to “Car talk from a girl

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    You, me, a rented Tesla for one day. I prefer red though. Alas, we may have to settle for our golf cart and our Put-in-Bay day in July. Still fun.

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