Why wait for the Bunny


Mr. D found my chocolate stash.

Yes, I had purchased a large bag of chocolate goodies at Sam’s Club to curb my craving. It was my fault to even go shopping while I was hungry. There it was, sitting on an end cap. Right next to the industrial size ketchup container and cases of cheese puffs. This yummy multiple pound bag contained the perfect mix of peanut butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and crispy. Who could resist…..definitely not me.

Well, I had put this bag deep into the abyss of the pantry. Behind the cooking oil and healthy cereal. A place where no kid would go. Yet, he found it. Sniffing it out like a bloodhound.

Sweetly after dinner he asks if he could pick out a treat. He did a great job eating dinner without complaining, so I said sure. Next thing I know, he is bringing MY bag to the table.

Busted….. Now I have to share.

Just wait till the Bunny comes. Those baskets will be raided when certain little people go to bed.



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8 responses to “Why wait for the Bunny

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    Time to find a better hiding spot!

  2. The glass is half full. More help eating the treats=less guilt.
    OR hide them in the laundry room. They will go undetected indefinitely.

  3. Judith

    Love chocolate! I don’t like sharing, though. We keep plenty of chocolate chips in the house when the craving hits us.

  4. Carrie

    Chocolate goodies are definitely hard to resist! Your son seems to be quite the investigator when it comes to sniffing out sweets. Thank you for sharing AND thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club. – Carrie from Sam’s Club

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