My Sharecropper is back


Yes, my sharecropper gave me a call this week to let me know he would be coming over to work. He gives me a heads up now because on several occasions I have looked out the window thinking there was a homeless man walking through my yard with a shovel and buckets.

Not that there is a huge population of homeless gardeners, but you never know.

He managed to clean out two tiers of the garden. It doesn’t help him that I use the garden as holding beds for plants that I am transplanting. As you can see from the photo, I need to find some spots for some flowering bushes I moved in the fall.

That sharecropper, would be my Dad, otherwise know as Opa. Opa is the garden and yard master. He has made his yard into a mini paradise and has shown his mercy on ours to help transform it also.

Now Opa has a wooded lot with little sunlight and a huge deer population. We, on the other hand, have a huge expansion of nothing. When we purchased the property from the farmer, he joked that rabbits had to pack a lunch to cross this field.

Great views, bad dirt…. Opa had a huge job ahead of him. We planted everything in sight. There wasn’t even a tree for shade.

Once we planted some trees and made some beds, it was time for a garden. Since I do the yard work and most of the time I am barely keeping up. I made a deal with him. You can have a garden as long as I don’t have to do anything with it…..I mean, no watering, no weeding, no picking, nothing.

Don’t I sound like such a grateful daughter.

Well, he took the deal. We decided to put it on the side yard. That made it near enough to the watering hose, so no carting buckets after buckets to water. But it was out of my sight line, so I didn’t have to view it, if it got out of hand.

I did install some recycled railroad ties and brought in some good soil to give him a good start. It’s been a couple of years now and he has expanded it once. He has also had to put a fence around it, in order to keep Nala and the bunnies out. It’s the second fence design and it doesn’t work for either Nala or the bunnies.

What does Opa plant in his garden. He has learned that only a few things are successful and so he rotates them each year. One tier for potatoes, a tier for two plantings of beans, a tier for tomatoes-cucumbers-squash. All successful and yummy to eat.

He has done a great job with the garden. It looks nice and has great results. There is nothing like a fresh potato. The kids have fun “helping” him and eating the results of his work.

Thanks to Opa we have a beautiful yard, plentiful garden, and a great opportunity to work together in the fresh air.



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2 responses to “My Sharecropper is back

  1. Kim M. Hammond

    I’m putting in my order for cukes. Ever try to make pickles? I’ve always wanted to.

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