Adoption update – March part 2

Yeah for China!

They pulled off a good month of matching. 10…..let me repeat 10 days of matching. I am floored by this number. I was hoping for 5 to keep us on track. Lately, they have been matching such very small disappointing numbers, but 10!

China stats : matched to August 31, 2006

Our stats : Log In Date of September 22, 2006

This means there are 22 days of matching until it is our turn. If they keep this huge number pace, we could be matched in three months. Instead of this super hopeful rate, I will still set my heart to a November match. I don’t want to be disappointed if another slow down occurs.

But….for the sake of discussion …..what if.

That would mean we would get our baby this summer. I get giddy thinking about it. Hubby is the calm one who tells me “we will see” and I am the one who is like “yahoo!”.

Oh, and here is another turn of events. When looking through all our paperwork and getting it organized for renewal, I notice this.


Did you see it? …..We didn’t select a gender. We never thought that it would be a possibility of being matched with a boy. However, there have been families recently who have. For five years we have been hoping for our little girl, but now who knows.

There is excitement in the air. We can’t wait…..well, maybe we can wait just a little longer!



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8 responses to “Adoption update – March part 2

  1. How exciting!!! I hope everything goes as quickly as possible for you!

  2. IKim M. Hammond

    If you go early I’m gonna have to buy a crib…..

  3. Charlotte Watson

    I have only started reading your blogs and I am so excited about this one. I remember our matching panel date. I don’t think I did a thing at work that day! xxx

  4. Very exciting! Good luck!

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