She Did It!

We both, yes I said BOTH, made it through our first dance competition showcase.

Ms. A had to be there at 6 and be ready to go at 6:30, with the show starting at 7 sharp. At home, I had her costume laid out with shoes, tights, hair piece, and her cosmetic case. I then packed us a cooler, the clothing rack to hang the costume, and a case of water that I was donating to the concession stand.

My OCD kicked in, so that meant there was a list written and checked off. Direction were written for Hubby with tickets laid out strategical on the kitchen counter so not to be missed. The dog was fed dinner, walked, and placed in her crate for the evening home alone. (soothing music and a chew stick to keep her calm) I also packed a bag of snacks, drinks, and the iPad with headphones for Mr. D.

Yes, we couldn’t find a sitter, so he was coming for the show.

I had been able to put the fake lashes on after a few attempts. I don’t think they would have been so difficult if Ms. A would have stopped flinching…like I was going to poke her eye out. The end results, OK looking lashes, and only one eye lid glued open….Not so funny at the time, but hilarious now.

Her hair was another story. I had her hop in the shower and when she came out I slicked it into a side high pony tail..left side part. (I got it right this time.).  Now she needed it put into a bun. I had been schooled during rehearsal on this topic, but did not have the correct supplies. After a week long search of local pharmacies and beauty supply stores, I found the donut needed to make the dance approved bun.


Even though I had it and was schooled on it, I still couldn’t achieve the correct look. I had her eyes done, so I thought, hell with it. I’ll ask a mom to help me when I get there.

I took a deep breath, looked around at all our stuff, and told Ms. A it was time to go.

We said our goodbyes and jumped into Clifford. The drive was only suppose to be twenty minutes, but since I had never been there, I allotted us thirty. When we just pulled out of the neighborhood, Ms. A asks what we were going to eat for dinner…..Oops

I was so involved in all the prep work, that dinner had completely slipped my mind. Lucky for us there was a McDonald’s on the way. The dinner of champions was scarfed down while driving to the theater.

We arrived just on time, thank goodness I gave us those ten extra driving minutes. I give Hubby his second call of the night to confirm he had the tickets and gave him the directions again. I then see some dancers in the parking lot and tell Ms. A  to be quick so that we could follow them in. We lug all our things in and searched for our assigned room.  I found a good spot to camp out for the evening next to the other dance moms from our group. They advised me to go in the theater to save seats for my family. I told Ms. A to stay put and not to get into anything, I would be right back.   I go back to the car to grab the case of water and start my search for the concession stand. I wander around the maze of a building with a case of water in my hands, looking for the entrance to the theater. Lucky for me, a sympathetic dad offers to carry the water and shows me the way.

I am already sweaty and disgusting and the night has not even started. Ugh.

It’s 6:30 and I found some seats.  I attempt to drap my coat and myself over them to save them.  My least favorite thing to do (I hate warding people off.).  Call number three to Hubby…. telling him that I have saved seats and he has to hurry. In the meantime, Ms. A is in the back without her hair done or costume on, waiting for me.  Standing and craning my neck, looking for my family, they finally showed up.  I give my mandatory hello kisses and I dashed backstage.

All the other kids are ready to go, Ms. A is anxiously waiting for me, (I wonder where she gets this behavior trait from?) so I got to work. A fellow mom lent a hand and made the bun, while I got her in costume. It all worked out and she was ready to go, but I felt like throwing up.

I took a deep breath.

I had planned on staying back stage for this first show. That news quickly spreads and I was given charge of the girls and the room. The other moms gave me a rundown of costume changes, hairdos, and disappeared.

I stopped, took another deep breath, and looked around. Are you kidding me….they left me, the “first timer” in charge. It’s a joke right….wrong…..I was in charge.

The room I was in, was only for the younger dancers of 8-12 years in age. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or bad. There was a mom who was in charge of calling the girls up to the stage and lining them up. My only responsibility was to maintain order of thirty some dancers.

I managed…..I managed the costume changes, the hair, the makeup, the band aids dispensed, the spills cleaned, the bathroom breaks, the costume repairs, and jitters calmed.

I managed.

When it all was over, I was told Ms. A did a great job. I was in the back and didn’t even see her. I’ll have to watch the video.

We made it through the first one. Ms. A know what to expect. I know how to make a perfect bun, put on fake lashes, do quick costume changes, and I earned some serious street credit from the other dance moms.

Who knew?




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12 responses to “She Did It!

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    OMG I would have barfed. We would have taken D overnite, you shoulda called!

  2. Charlotte Watson

    Well done! I think I would have been doing my well rehearsed headless chicken routine.
    Oh and Ms A. looks beautiful.

  3. Well done!! And Ms A looks lovely!

  4. I was blessed with a son only, but have had friends with daughters in these competitions. You are bound to succeed with your determination and your daughter has such poise. Good luck.

  5. Congratulations! Ms. A looks wonderful in the picture.

  6. I’m impressed. That happened to me at our last dance recital too – two shows, and I was backstage for both!! Only got to see the show on video afterwards. Thank goodness for video!!

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