Today I am older.

Today is my 38th birthday…..sigh…..

Birthdays aren’t a big deal for me. I try to make them special for the kids. I try to make the entire day special for them. For weeks I plan and prepare to make their parties fun and exactly what they want. I spend a lot of time thinking and researching the perfect gift. I put lots of effort and thought into their birthdays.

Now my birthday is a whole other matter. I don’t plan anything or attempt to do anything.  If something does happen, it’s because someone else took charge.  It’s not that I don’t want to celebrate getting older. It’s that I have had so many birthdays that I don’t think it’s such a big deal anymore. I don’t consider myself old, yet I am not young either. I am “in between.” I don’t have any grey hair, but I do have wrinkles. I am not sure what category to put myself in.

When I am at a preschool function with Mr. D I feel like an old mom. I’ll be one of the oldest when Baby J hits that scene. When I am doing my winter job working on the local ski patrol, I feel young in comparison to my more experienced co workers. I guess it all depends on the place and situation.

So now that I am 38….Let me reflect on what I have accomplished during my years on this Earth.

I was able to get a college degree in three and a half years and master’s degree at night while working full time. I was able to get a job right out of school and I worked myself up to head teacher of my department. I was highly respected in my field of special education and was honored in supervising student teachers. I ran a successful class and I think I made a positive impact on some great kids. Sadly, I saw several of my students go to prison and one pass away (these aren’t the best memories, but memories that need to be remembered).

Happily, I got married to my perfect Hubby. I became a foster mom to a special little boy. I was blessed in being a mom to my two lovies! I have learned to be patient while waiting five years and still waiting to complete an adoption of our soon to be youngest daughter. I helped build and design a house that fits our families wants. I advocated for all of Mr. D and his special needs. Most importantly, I tried to be the best stay at home mom, the most challenging task yet!

I volunteered at the local nursing home in attempts to teach a knitting class. I volunteered as an aide at Sunday School to an autistic child so that he could do his 1st communion. I spent countless hours in the school helping out Ms. A’s classroom. I painfully tried to run a scout troop for two years. I rescued a racing greyhound and then an elderly dog from a military family that was deployed. And currently, I train and volunteer at the local ski resort as a first responder on the hill.

Lastly, I am trying to start and run a business and keep current with technology.

Looking at my list, I feel that I have done something with my 38 years, but I am sure there is a lot more in store for me to accomplish.

Thanks so much for reading and following me on my journey. There is always something going on in my life with my family. It may not always be big and important, but it’s usually something funny. Lucky for you, I’ll make sure I write about it.




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6 responses to “Today I am older.

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    Happy happy birthday. You’re such a youngin. I can’t even imagine the YaYa trip for your 40th! We’ll celebrate this weekend.

  2. Jim

    Happy birthday. To me…you will always be younger! The next 38 years will be even better.

  3. Congratulations on your birthday and your many achievements. Don’t forget that we are all only one day older on our birthdays 🙂

  4. SJ

    Happy birthday!
    I’m six years younger and have enough gray hair for both of us! lol

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