I should be cooking.


This is my current view.

I couldn’t resist. The kids saw me cleaning the pool and asked me so sweetly…..Oh, they didn’t have to twist my arm to hard. I pulled the patio furniture from the shed, wiped it down, and put out the cushions.

Now it’s sunny, but the temperature is only in the mid 50s. I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, but the pool is cranked up to 80 some degrees.

Hubby was suppose to be cleaning up the garage from his last home improvement project. He heard all the shrieking and the next thing I know, a huge cannonball erupted into the pool.

I should be cooking for tomorrow’s Easter Dinner that we are hosting and Hubby should be cleaning up his big mess…..

Instead, I think I’ll take off my shoes and soak my feet. I am not as daring as my crew!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family too!





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3 responses to “I should be cooking.

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    Ok, you talked me into it. Sydney and jim packed their suits and we’re on our way, Who would have thought we’d be doing an Easter egg hunt and swim in the same weekend…..in Ohio!

  2. Enjoy! Have a wonderful Easter!

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