Oh no…sickness has arrived

There goes our fun filled spring break.

Ms. A looks like a train hit her.  She is sooooo over tired.  She had two late nights this weekend, swimming with her cousins, zoo trip with one of her BFFs, skating party, and a sleepover last night.  She could barely keep her eyes open at dinner tonight.  I sent her straight to bed and there was no complaining.

Mr.D woke up last night throwing up.  The first time making it to the sink. The next time, not so lucky.  That involved a quick hose off in the shower, fresh clothes, clean sheets and blankets.  I then had the privilege of doing laundry at 4 in the morning.  He has been a champ today, but I kept a bucket nearby.

Nala can’t be left out of the party.  She decided to eat something in the yard and has had explosive poop the last two days.  Lucky for me, she rings a bell at the door to let us know when she needs out.  Poor thing doesn’t even want any of her yummy treats and she is up so often during the night that she sleeps most of the day away.

What does that mean for Hubby and Me.   NO SLEEP!

We are so deprived, that we are even talking about how much we would pay to have a really good nights sleep.   Hubby is up to five hundred dollars.  I only wish and laugh.  As parents,  we will never have the privilege of sleeping in or taking naps during the day.  When they are grown and out of the house, we will be to old to have the need to sleep in.

I don’t think I am making any sense.  My eyes are burning due to the lack of sleep.  I think I’ll head off to bed in hopes of making it through the night.  Tomorrow I have a 8:30 am delivery of 12 yards of mulch.  I have high hopes of getting some yard work done while the kids crash on the couch watching movies.

Sleep tight, don’t let the…….oh, whatever.



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4 responses to “Oh no…sickness has arrived

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    I’d love to sleep in some day again!

  2. SJ

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

    My husband and I take turns sleeping in on the weekends. He usually gets Saturday and I get Sunday. It may just be an extra hour or so, but I love it!

  3. Hope everyone’s feeling better soon.

  4. Wishing you all speedy recoveries and lots of lovely sleep xxx

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