Yeah, Spring Break is over!

We made it through a very long and painful spring break. We started off with a bang, then it began fizzling out on Tuesday, and “spring break fun time” hit a complete wall on Wednesday. Ms. A was down for the count for almost the entire week. She lay on the couch and just vegged out. Mr. D was better off with only one day of throwing up. However, due to the weather being so cool, he was house bound for most of the week.

He did get caught up on his television viewing, but you can only watch so much. He got a little stir crazy by the end of the week….and what happens when Mr. D gets stir crazy… He becomes a wild man and takes a hard fall on the tile floor. This results in a major melt down in front of Oma and Opa…it went on and on. I became quite embarrassed about all the drama. I finally told him to knock it off and act like a big boy.

Oh, did I feel bad. The next morning what do I see, a swollen chin and the starting of a bruise. Where is my mommy award for this one?


Now you ask, what did I do during our “super fun spring break”?

I got my 12 yards of mulch delivered. It didn’t seem like much when I ordered it over the phone, but when dumped on the driveway it was a monster of a pile. I had a burst of motivation and quickly got to work edging and weeding my neglected yard. I was able to mulch all my back beds and tree rounds while the kids were chilling out in front of the television. I still have a little pile left. Mr. D enjoys climbing on it and Nala loves eating from it. To bad for Hubby that it’s blocking his garage bay, not that he is able to use it for his car, due to another project I have going on. I have a goal set for myself…this week get the front beds cleaned up and finish off the mulch pile. Weather permitting of course. Mind you, I don’t work in rain, cold, or wind.


Now, about this other project that was taking up the garage bay. I had put it in my head that the kid’s bathroom was not functional. It was not well designed. Not a very wide space with a huge cabinet. Not a very functional bathroom for soon to be three children to share. I have found a wonderful carpenter who has worked on several projects in our home and seems to be able to solve all sorts of storage issues. I presented him with the issue and he came up with a great solution. Take out the current cabinets, build narrower ones and build storage up using the vertical space.

Brilliant….now I just had to get Hubby on board. He was not fond of the idea of “ripping out” perfectly good cabinets and then having to build new ones to replace them. It took a lot of campaigning, but I was able to convince him based on three points.

1- we will recycle the old cabinets by refitting them in an opening in our bathroom
2- we won’t have to add on a bathroom, because this one will be so efficient
3- we will paint the cabinets ourselves to save some money

Carpenter Dan refitted the existing cabinets into our bathroom, loads of extra storage room for me. He then built beautiful and efficient ones for the kids. It was up to us to finish the project and paint them. Hubby and I started off in good spirits. Painting away in cramped quarters, but that didn’t last long. Slowly, his critiquing of my free flowing painting style took my happy painting mood away. I gave up my brush and relinquished him all the glory of painting.

This slowed the progress down on this project. Hubby has very little free time, so the project dragged on and on. I had to move the kids into our bathroom, the construction supplies in the nursery, and all the doors/shelves/drawers into the garage bay.

Well, it finally got done this weekend. Yeah!

(I still need to get a mirror cut, lower walls tiled, upper walls painted.)

We were able to put everything back, doors on, shelves in. I found cute little baskets to organize the kids things. In the mean time, this gave me the perfect opportunity to go through the linen closet and clear out all that extra stuff that we have.

I tend to keep a hold of these types of things. I think I might have use for them and I’m fearful of throwing away or donating. I feel like the minute I get rid of these things, I will have a great need for it. Real rational, yes?

With the linen closet and bathroom cabinet sorted and cleaned out….I moved to the kids rooms. Clothes were sorted through and thinned out. Toys picked up, trashed, or donated. And don’t get me started on the stuffed animals. We have them exploding out of every nook and cranny. I gave Ms. A two baskets. I explained to her that was all the space allowed and anything extra needed to be donated. A little bit later, I was called to see her progress. She accomplished the task on hand. Even though the baskets were bursting at the seems, she stayed within her parameters. Wondering how it was possible, since nothing was put in the donation pile, I took a peek into Mr.D’s room. Instead of putting the stuffies in the donation pile, they were presented to her little brother as gifts. He was in heaven. Literally, surrounded in a pile of stuffies. Ms. A got a very stern look. Really!!!

One huge garbage can on the curb and a car full of donations to GoodWill and I was done. Things are back to there clean and tidy selves. All the closets organized, rooms put together, bathroom things back where they belong.

Now…if only that mulch pile would magically disappear and the garage tidy up by itself….



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6 responses to “Yeah, Spring Break is over!

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    Man, that’s a lot of mulch! And you need some Longaberger baskets in that bathroom!

  2. I could use some of that mulch over here!

  3. Love the cabinets!
    We want to remodel our master bath one day soon. Hubby wants to wait until tax return next year…I want to dig in and start on it myself!! 🙂 We’ll see which way that goes. haha

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