Nala, you’re driving me crazy!


How can someone weighing just under 80lbs and look so beautiful with that red ridge, cause so much chaos! Granted, you were in your crate this morning while I went to visit Oma. But that doesn’t mean you can be a crazy girl when I get home.

Between digging for something in my newly mulched flower beds, to tearing my palm trees into shreds. You are out of control. I tried to reign you in with a nice walk, but your attraction to the neighborhood squirrels are going to get me hit by a car. In the house you start to play your keep away game with the laundry, shoes, dish rag, and do I even mention it….Mr.D’s beloved cougar. Shame on you! Hiding under the table and jumping over the couch. Always just out of reach. Not even responding to your favorite word “treat”.

I think you hit my sanity limit when at dinner I saw you eating from the pan of Mac & Cheese that I just set on the table to feed the kids. Why, oh why, must you counter surf. I feed you three meals a day and plenty of treats in between. I have enough problems keeping the kitchen clean, I don’t need all the extra work of sanitizing after you made your rounds.

Hubby is home and you are so calm and behaving. Laying so nicely on your bed. He is giving you pats for being such a good girl.

I know your game….Just wait….Hubby is on his own this weekend….you can’t be good that long…. He’ll get a taste of your craziness!



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4 responses to “Nala, you’re driving me crazy!

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    And you wanted a pet time out for a while. Wonder why…

  2. Hahaha! It is funny that Nala turns into a little angel when Hubby comes home 🙂 No doubt he thinks she is an angel all of the time! 🙂

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