First competition is over!

I took Ms. A out of school early today for her first real dance competition.

Mr. D was lucky to have alternative plans offered to him so that he did not have to attend. I managed to get Mr. D packed for a slumber party with Oma and Opa. His sound machine, special blanket, stuffies, pj’s, movies, and clothes for the next day. I am crossing my fingers that he will behave. Opa plans on taking him out to breakfast. Good luck with that…he is so not a morning kid.

I then packed up Ms. A’s dance gear, cooler, and camping chair in the car. This is routine now. I feel like I know what I am doing. I got the timing down perfectly, the hair done up to dance bun standards, and the lashes glued on without glueing eyes open or shut. Not bad….

We were in our assigned dressing room ready to go…..and then we waited…..waited…..waited some more. I couldn’t believe how bored I was of just waiting. No cell reception and the goldfish crackers were calling out to me. The girls finally get called up and we moms went to find a seat in the auditorium. The song starts and the girls come out. Mind you, last time at the preview show, I was backstage and unable to see the dance, so this was my first time seeing them perform.

I was speechless…they were all over the place. Even though I had never seen the dance in its entirety, I knew they were off. Yes, they were one of the youngest groups, but wow, I was surprised.

What got me afterwards was all the complements they received from their dance teacher and other parents. I couldn’t believe it. You would have thought they just performed the best ever dance the way people talked to them. I am all for praising kids, but only if they really deserve it.

Ms. A meet me in the hall and I asked her how she felt she did. She shrugged and then thought a bit. She then mentioned some things her group could have done better. I then congratulated her on being on stage in front of all those people. We then went back to the dressing room, got out of costume, and went to watch the other dancers.

Four hours later….yes….four hours….the first day of competition was done. They gathered all the girls on stage and started handing out awards. Each performance got rated and the scale was Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum. I was not expecting much. Ms. A and her group scored a Silver. I went back to the dressing room to meet up with her. Curious to see her reaction.

She made me so proud. There was no pouting or crying. She was excited for the high results her fellow competition team members received. She then showed me her Silver medal. I told her what a great first experience and she could only go up from this.

I just sent her to bed. Her face freshly scrubbed. Her gear stashed away for next weekend. Her medal proudly hanging from her closet door.



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5 responses to “First competition is over!

  1. IKim M. Hammond

    So mature for her age. Why doesn’t Marc go to these fun filled events w/ you??

  2. Congratulations to Ms. A and her group for scoring a Silver!

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