Adoption update for April

China has done four days of matching this month.

China stats – September 4, 2006

Our LID – September 22, 2006

That means “18 days” to go. Honestly, I am very disappointed in the low numbers. I was so hoping for a larger matching group. 18 days doesn’t seem like a lot, but it could drag out another year at this rate. I had started to get really excited with the huge group last month. We dug out the clutter in the nursery and re established it as a usable room. One of my BFFs sent out a huge load of baby clothes to sort though. I took stock of all the bottles and baby supplies and organized them back into our kitchen. I even clipped some coupons for diapers and such. Once again, I got ahead of myself. It’s almost like riding a roller coaster with all the ups and downs.

Since our adoption agency is out of state, we have a local social worker, not affiliated with them, who then relays all our info to them. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s the path we picked. She, the social worker, is coming out on May 2nd to redo our home study….. AGAIN…. We have known her for six years now. Ms. A had just turned four and Mr.D was not even in the picture. She has now become a friend and advocate for us and due to the new regulation with China, we will continue our visits for five years after placement.

Our actual adoption agency does not really know us. They do a fine job. They see our paperwork and our checks and take my calls and emails, but it’s not the same. If I could do it over, I would have found an agency that I could walk into their doors and talk face to face. That is what I have learned from this experience, I need that personal face to face interaction. But that was not available to us, so we are making this work….really there is no other choice.

Why am I rambling on about this. Well, I got a form letter from our agency asking if we were still interested in completing our adoption. I was floored……then my anxiety hit the roof. I thought, why would they send me a letter like this? Is something wrong with our paperwork? Of course I only read it after business hours were over. I couldn’t believe it….almost six years and thousands of dollars and I get a form letter. The next day, as soon as they where open, I put a call in. I got a new girl…of course…..and she was not familiar with my file……go figure….and she would transfer me to someone else……great!

After a very desperate conversation, I told them, YES..YES…YES… we were still planning to adopt and all the updated info was being worked on and would be sent to them.

Take a deep breath!

So, here I am updating the blog instead of working……I need to talk to some friends to rewrite reference letters for the fourth time. Thank goodness they are much beloved. I then need to get online and see what I need to do to get my I-800a forms done. I need to get all my banking work together, schedule doctors appointments to prove we are still healthy, and get the house together for inspection.

But you know what……Baby J, she is worth every bit of it!




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6 responses to “Adoption update for April

  1. My heart goes out to you! I couldn’t imagine the torture of waiting this long – all the ups and downs! I would have been upset by the form letter, too, that’s for sure!! I admire your patience.

  2. IKim M. Hammond

    Not a lot of rocks left in that bowl, hang in there. Maybe giving you back the crib will help move it along!

  3. jim

    14 days matched in 2 months. At that rate,your only 4 months away. Its so close. Hang in there. I’m sure living hope didn’t forget about you. I wonder if others have dropped out?

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