Baseball with Mr. D


Yes, this is my one of many attempts to get this kid moving. Mind you, he didn’t start walking till he was two and was in ankle stabilizers to get him steady. He has been in physical therapy since twelve months and he currently gets his PT services in his preschool class at Ms. A elementary school. He has moved out of the clunky ankle stabilizers and now just wears custom orthotics and really good shoes.

I try just about everything to get him to work on his balance, strength, and that coordination. This winter he tried downhill skiing. He had some success due to working one on one with his coach and wearing the stiff ski boots. Soccer was a big mess. He had lots of fun running around, but kicking the ball and running was just a little to much to do at the same time. Gymnastics was terrible. He had no balance because he needed to go barefoot in the gym. Plus he was the only little boy in a class full of super tiny and coordinated little girls. It made for a depressing class.

I now make a game out of everything to work on those much needed skills. We jump over the lines and cracks in parking lots. Skip and gallop whenever we get a chance. Hop off curbs, little walls, you name it. I encourage climbing on everything, but he is no daredevil. Mr. D gets frustrated quickly and now he notices what other kids are doing and that he is just not there yet.

So today was our first attempt at good old baseball. A very age appropriate skill that he needs to master to be able to play with his peers. With coupon in hand, we set off to our local sporting good store to find a left handed mitt (we think), bat, and whiffle balls. He seemed excited and I tried my best. That’s me in the background with the pink vest trying to keep Nala from stealing the balls. All was going well until Hubby beaned him in the head. The tears and drama started and baseball was over.  As Tom Hanks would say, “There is no crying in Baseball!”

Right now we are taking a much needed break with some Pringles and juice. Maybe we’ll try his bike next. At least he’ll have his helmet on.



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2 responses to “Baseball with Mr. D

  1. Very heart warming post. Your efforts to make it fun are wonderful – I love the idea of jumping over the lines and cracks in parking lots and skipping and hopping.

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