Mr. D is 5


Happy birthday Mr. D. You are now five years old and no longer can I classify you as my baby, or my toddler, or even as my little man….You are officially a big kid.


You can do so many things that you couldn’t or just wouldn’t do before.


You have started showing an interest in the arts!  You have very specific tastes and can advise your big sister on what and how she should create things for you.


You have ventured out of your comfort zone and tried skiing this year.  Mommy is so proud of how hard you tried and she hopes that this will become a life long love.


We know that this will be the summer of swimming for you.  You were so close to be independent last summer.  All you have to do is get the courage to put your head underwater and you are on your way to being a fish.


You have been so helpful in the greenhouse with mommy.  Making friends with all your favorite plants.  You will grow up to be a great gardener one day, with all the tender care you give.


As always, you love to make your family laugh.  With the silly songs and made up games.  With the funny costumes and the crazy dances.  You bring joy into our house and our hearts.  You are so sweet and sensitive.  You don’t like to hear arguments or people fighting.  I hope this trait will always remain with you.


To my lovely boy.  You are a true gift to us.  A child who should not have been born. A miracle to us.  You have had your difficulties, but with hard work you are overcoming them.  You are trying more food, even if they have to be covered in ketchup.  You are being more adventurous and becoming more independent.   You ride the bus to school and stay all day.  You are interested in learning and now know all your letters and numbers.  You can write your name with some help and show improvement daily.  You are kind.  You show compassion to those classmates who need more help then you.  You are the first to share, even your favorite “kitty kat bars.”  You are a wonderful little brother and will become a great big brother soon.  Daddy and I love you with all our hearts and we are thankful to have you as our son!



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4 responses to “Mr. D is 5

  1. Happy Birthday, Mr D! What a handsome young man!

  2. Maryann

    Happy birthday, Mr.DWe will see you this Thursday.we are also proud of you & love the pictures you send us.Love & Hugsxoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday Mr. D. You look a little like my little person! Wonderful photos and a very heart warming tribute to your lovely boy.

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